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Outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman can prevent what after all
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This year is a baby boom year, to prevent an abdomen in fetal the effect that suffers radiation source, ” of accurate mom of a few “ is opposite fontal city the radiation-proof dress “ that sells on the market has a special liking ” , but these radiation-proof dress can have much big effect after all, how to check radiation-proof take the effect, most consumer is water of a mist. Express to this expert, pregnant woman outfit is radiation-proof without authoritative attestation, environmental protection dress urgently national level.

Price of outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman is high good sell

Yesterday morning, in expensive and, silver-colored, brand shop of the much home market such as Yi power red and Fu baby things sees, dress of many brand pregnant woman rolled out radiation-proof series. Compare with photograph of 229 yuan dress of average pregnant woman, the price some that radiation-proof pregnant woman installs is as high as every 779 yuan even 1000 yuan of above, be common dress 2 to 3 times.

Introduce according to salesperson of a bazaar, the pregnant woman that sells on the market at present installs haply cent to plant: A kind of radiation-proof pregnant woman that is film is installed, one kind is radiation-proof pregnant woman assembles tinsel blending product, still one is plant is new the “ fiber that roll out is silver-gilt ” is radiation-proof take. The controller of a bazaar introduces: The lady that “ is pregnant this year is particularly much, do not see the value expensive, can sell everyday give a few, was last year the double above of the corresponding period. ”

The mobile phone was become detect tool

Salesperson of a bazaar expresses, these their dress are radiation-proof the effect is first-rate, suit pregnant woman dress especially. True can radiation-proof? Last noon, in culture on the west the inn of things of baby of a pregnant on the road sought advice from a salesperson, this salesperson did a little test: She asks to put the mobile phone in a radiation-proof dress, after passing a few seconds, dial a mobile telephone, cannot put through as expected. Signal of “ mobile phone can screen, affirmation can be radiation-proof. ” salesperson says.

Those who be in this city is other inside a few bazaar and brand shop of Fu baby things, the salesperson also is the radiation-proof result that shows garment through checking mobile phone signal to come to consumer mostly.

National level has not come on stage

“ electromagnetism radiate should achieve 100 millivolt above to just cause a harm to human body, what cannot the radiate of computer, TV, mobile phone calculate at all. ” traffic hospital is radiative division Doctor Yin Zudong thinks, the personnel that in electromagnetism radiate intensity only taller place works just needs to take radiation-proof step, for example TV station emissive tower. Nevertheless, accurate mom the idea of ” of “ precautions averts perils is understandable also. Shade doctor expresses, if pregnant woman people want to install beg a heart, buy radiation-proof take wear wear also just as well.
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