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Pregnancy bathes should abide by 3 big principles
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After be pregnant, as a result of the change of airframe endocrine, metabolism increases gradually, sweat gland and sebaceous glands are secreted also meet subsequently exuberant. Accordingly, pregnant woman needs bath more than the ordinary person, in order to maintain skin cleanness, prevent infection of road of the skin, make water. But, if be when bath carelessly method, cause an effect to the mother's body and fetal health likely, right fetal for, some are permanent even damage. So, does pregnant woman bath need what to problem note?

Note the temperature of water

Consider to make clear according to latter-day medicine, exorbitant temperature can damage fetal central nervous system.

According to clinical determine, calibration of pregnant woman temperature often rises when 2 ℃ , can make stagnation of fetal cerebral cell growth; If rise 3 ℃ , have the possibility that kills cerebral cell. And the cerebral cell that forms accordingly is damaged, damage permanently for what cannot go against more, fetal intellective obstacle can appear after be born, can form fetal deformation even, wait like deformation of small eyeball, harelip, auricle, some still can bring about insane disease to break out.

Will tell commonly, the temperature of water is higher, duration is longer, damage heavier. So, when pregnant woman bath, the temperature of water should master in 38 ℃ the following, and had better not hip bath, avoid abdomen of hot water immersion. (Pregnant woman does exercise: Tan1huan4 an old name for Japan falls?>> )

Time shoulds not be too long

In the bath inside the bathroom, pregnant woman appears easily dazed, dazed, lack of power, bosom is frowsty wait for a symptom. As a result of,this is the air drop off inside the bathroom, temperature taller, oxygen supplies relatively insufficient be caused by. The stimulation of together with hot water, the blood capillary that can cause systemic body to express is outspread, make the inadequacy offerring blood of ministry of pregnant woman head. At the same time fetal also can appear heartbeat of anoxic, embryo is accelerated, serious person still can make fetal neurological development gets bad influence.

Accordingly, when pregnant woman is having hot water bath, every time time should be controlled in 20 minutes less than is beautiful. (28 proposals make pregnant woman relaxed cross pregnancy >> > )

Should adopt stand

After be pregnant, the endocrine function of airframe produced the change of many sided, the acidity secretion that sterilization effect has inside the vagina decreases, the natural defence function inside body is reduced, right now if hip bath, the bacterium in water, virus enters the vagina, uterus extremely easily subsequently, bring about vaginitis, oviduct phlogistic etc, or cause uric road infection, make pregnant woman occurrence Wei cold, the symptom such as high fever, bellyacke, such certainly will increase pregnancy to use medical opportunity, leave monster or slink snake in the grass easily also.
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