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The things of the mom in confinement prepares
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Besides the article that prepares for darling, the awaits oneself things when mom does month of confinement after giving birth to a child also should be bought beforehand, besides the content in the bag waits for birth before me, these also are indispensable.

One-time cotton briefs: The time of postpartum lochia and degree because of the person different, it is exceedingly important to maintain clean Gan Shuang, because this wants,change frequently at washing. The sousaphone that suggests to buy a few Bao Nan type more is one-time paper briefs, convenient while oneself are changed frequently, also can reduce postpartum family to take care of your workload.

Sanitary towel: The process Central Africa of postpartum lochia often needs, the proposal buys night to use more model a few + daily expense + sanitation are protected mat.

Lactation bra: The mom that breast having a parent plans should prepare 3 to facilitate at least change wash, before dimension suggests to compare about to give birth a little big a measures.

The one-time breast that prevent excessive fills up: In the process of mother milk feed, this is to go out to defend necessarily, otherwise leakage grandma this are much more helter-skelter! Additional of milk erode special still destroy the dress, after the event how does catharsis feel irreclaimable erst, because this antenatal is about to had been chosen, average home will having!

Corset takes: Postpartum to prevent splanchnic prolapse and better refreshment, corset belt is indispensable, have the waist stickup type and systemic model form choose two kinds. The mom of Caesarean birth can ask to wear the waist in postpartum hospital the corset belt of stickup type, the mom that produces naturally does not have a requirement, but the state that I join oneself experience and later period of my work in the same placing to restore thinks, postpartum mom is removing use corset to take the following day, this is honest to the refreshment of postpartum body too important. To restore the appearance of lithe and graceful body former days, recommend the corset of form of model of use whole body to take.

Calcium tablet: The old person has said, give birth to a child to drop a tooth, what expressive meaning basically says is the prediction of a person's luck in a given year with maternal oneself pregnancy, postpartum qualitative calcium, because this antenatal postpartum fills calcium is very crucial.

Commodity series: Gargle saliva (just began to cannot brush his teeth) , comb, cream, wash one's hands the fluid, towel that wash a face, wash towel of the private parts towel, towel that brush a body, Xiaomao that brush sweat 2, massage cleanness mammary little wash cloth 1.

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