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Be pregnant the age and gawkish
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The optimal age that the female gives birth to the first embryo is 25-29 year old, at latest also is not later than 35 years old, because bear the age to spend evening, yi Shengchi is slow-witted. This kind gawkish formal name makes congenital fool model, say Tang is asked for integratedly again, it is a kind of serious chromosome illness.

The weight when congenital I little patient is born and height on the low side, relax of flesh dried meat floss is faint, especially woman's head-ornaments ministry, as bigger as normal baby difference. The head is small and round, nose is compressed, the eye is fine and outward upper part tilts, two distances are too wide; Inside ear small, the position is small and auricle is unbalanced; Mouth small lip is thick, the tongue is big and extend outwards, reason calls loll pattern again gawkish.

Congenital I reason, closely related the age when with its the mother is pregnant. Many statistic data makes clear, in maternal 25-29 the incidence of a disease when year old is 1/1500, 30-34 is 1/800 when year old, 35-30 rises when year old for 1/250, 40-44 is 1/100 when year old, 45 years old of above are as high as 1/60—1/12.

Why is the fetal Yi Shengchi of be pregnant with of tall age pregnant woman slow-witted? Because ovum is by embryo period generated primitive and follicular growth and become, mature every months in birth age. As the growth of the age, follicular be in ovarian in the time of stockpile is longer also, as a result is follicular “ ageing ” happens in chromosome, occurrence decline. In the meantime, the age is older, the harm of all sorts of ray that human body includes ovarian place to suffer and chemical contaminant is more, then genetic material produces choppy opportunity also subsequently grow in quantity. These elements can bring about the congenital I generation with all sorts of oaf.

At 25-29 year old the age paragraph female, its ovum is vibrant, vitality is exuberant, be helpful for be pregnant with an outstanding children, on age of this kind of parents prepotent, it is preferential one of learned content.