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Pregnant woman is unfavorable make sweat move
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Obstetric matron Cui Xiaohui points out Sino-Japanese and friendly hospital, proper motion is beneficial to pregnant woman and fetal health, but the opinion that the doctor must listen to before pregnant woman is moving, the which level that wants clear pregnancy can move, what moment can move far from, and the athletic pattern that fits pregnant woman. Pregnant woman suits to do why to plant the volume that motion, motion measures, also want to be decided according to body state of the individual, cannot treat as the same. If pregnant woman is pregnant before have the habit that take exercise all the time, can continue to choose to take exercise in pregnancy, but when beginning, must come slowly.

Pregnant woman does not suit phreatic water, equestrian

Before 3 months of pregnancy must take care, this phase had better not violent campaign. Arrive in 3 months of pregnancy between 28 cycle, pregnant woman can have campaign appropriately. The later period that is pregnant namely 28 Zhou Houyun Fu are unsuited also redo moves, because at this moment fetal had grown very greatly, motion causes irritability palace to shrink likely, cause the problem such as premature delivery.

To pregnant woman, move to also want to notice athletic type to the 28 choices before week in 3 months of pregnancy. Had better do incompact not slow motion, if swim, dozen too extremely, take a walk, simpler gem gal. Must avoid intense abdominal campaign, also want to avoid to do the exercise that has body contact with others. The perhaps needs sprint exercise that moves to also cannot have bouncing sex, want to avoid to do the exercise that erupts quickly, wait like shuttlecock, tennis, equestrian or the motion such as phreatic water also does not suit pregnant woman; Dive especially make pregnant woman is in anoxic condition very easily, bring about fetal deformation.

Pregnant woman can do breathing exercise more, this can be helped pregnant woman is loosened and keep quiet, also conduce to palace cooperates to shrink in delivery process, because this pregnant woman often had better have this kind of practice. Shallow breath: Pregnant woman had better sit on the floor, double leg is before the body across, lumbar back is erect, with the mouth expiratory and inspiratory. Deep breathing: Double leg is before the body across, sit on the floor with comfortable pose, lumbar back is erect, the hole depth that use bazoo is inspiratory, slow expiration, repeat an exercise.

In addition, pregnant woman still can do a few muscle to take exercise, include basin heart muscle to take exercise: Conceive the muscle end the basin of the pregnant woman between pregnancy to be weakened probably, because this enhances these sarcous power, very important to pregnant woman and production. Had better practice everyday 300 arrive 350 times. Pregnant woman should tighten up muscle forcibly in that way like make water of pee hold back, hold to a few time as far as possible more, loosen next, repeat 30 times. Can take a rest when the feeling is fatigue. Ham muscle takes exercise: Sit on the floor with the pose of frog, the back is erect, the arch of will double foot is opposite; Both hands is grasping an ankle, draw close double foot to the body as far as possible, press ham downward with double ancon, hold to this kind of pose to be counted 10, repeat 15 times next.
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