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Pregnant woman needs filling choline
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Was pregnant, fill with respect to this, but fill how many, filling what still has cultured. Come from academy of American national sanitation (Steven · Cai Sai Professor Er of NIH) is on ” of conference of learning of development of ministry of head of baby of whole nation of “ of beautiful assist official point out, choline is very important to the cerebral ministry development of children, the female answers in pregnancy and lactation right amount complement.

According to Cai Sai Er teachs the introduction, they ever had a test to small rat, let among them a group additional absorb choline, and another group of normal food, discover after 5 days, absorb a group of of choline small rat, memory had relative to additionally one group rise apparently, and this kind of distinction lasted for a long time. From this, researcher thinks, the nurturance of a kind of battalion that choline needs as human body is divided, to biologic memory can produce certain effect.

And to pregnant woman, the intake of choline is enough, can affect fetal cerebrum growth. Cai a place of strategic importance Professor Er says, from be pregnant 25 weeks begin, the sea horse body that is in charge of people memory germinate, last to the child 4 years old all the time. So, if be in growth of sea horse system is earlier, pregnant woman occurrence choline is lacked, can bring about fetal nerve cell wither to die, cell of new student head decreases, affect cerebrum growth then.

Although human body can synthesize choline, but because the female is in,pregnancy, lactation can increase to the demand of choline, so, er of Cai a place of strategic importance teachs a proposal, pregnant woman should eat the food that contains choline more, have additional complement, with benefit the cerebral ministry development at the child, enhance their memory. According to " Chinese dweller is prandial nutriment reference intake " proposal, the bravery alkali number that pregnant woman and wet nurse absorb everyday should be 500 milligram. Can pass the food such as edible yoke, hepatic, clove, branny bran, legume, corn and potato to obtain.