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Pregnant woman has a fish easy bring about fetal intelligence low
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According to Reuter report, the researcher of Chinese Hong Kong discovers, pregnant woman has a fish for a long time in great quantities, the mercuric classics placenta that meeting general absorbs is passed fetal, the likelihood affects infantile postnatal intelligence to develop.

Investigation of two years involves this by a definite date of researcher of college of Hong Kong Chinese baby of 1000 new students and their mother. Findings shows, in the blood of 25% babies and hair, mercuric content exceeds a level, and there are 6% mercuries to exceed bid in the mother. “ even if is piscine place hydrous silver quantity all accords with safe level, but if pregnant woman is long-term and excessive edible, meet pass mercuric classics placenta fetal, add new student baby excrete ability poorer, such mercury build up easily inside body, the likelihood affects growth of infantile head ministry, make intelligence logy. ” researcher says.

Researcher clew, excessive does not want to have a fish during the female is pregnant, every are mean monthly eat 2 it is moderate to 7 kilograms.