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Walk out of error of 0 years old of education (one)
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“ teachs ” 0 years old for light this year to becoming parents, not be a new term already, about “ 0 years old teach the book of ” is to be able to be found everywhere more, but its make a person anxious however as a result. We ever taught ” this entirely 0 years old to read aloud the investigation that Guo Xiaofan surrounds to “ , the parents of 80% thinks: “ teachs ” 0 years old is “ teachs ” early, learn early know how to read, early to carry children's song on the back mathematically, early to wait a moment. Pay attention to the education of the left head respect such as language, acknowledge, logic only namely, and the education of respect of element of the right head such as creativity thinking, ability, disposition, character and blame intelligence did not get attention far. We can imagine, if zenithal and clever and disposition is dissocial, stubborn, selfish the person with devoid society ability, how to face the society that high speed develops, how to have a happy, health, successful life?
Parents is the first teacher of the child. However the parents of 70% says frankly their education is failure. This is an orgnaization a findings that makes to the parents of 7 years old of the following children. So how do we undertake “ effectively, scientificly 0 years old teach ” ? Walk out of —— of error of 0 years old of education to take seriously 3 years old above all the following education, oversight is 3 years old former education; Take intellective education, oversight seriously to be not intellective element education; Value left head education, oversight right head is taught; Disobey infant physiology feature subjective education; The education of prodigy type.
One of errors: Value the education after 3 years old, teach oversight is 3 years old ago
Although “ teachs ” 0 years old thorough already popular feeling, but the parents of potential of the infant real knowledge is 3 years old ago and psychological characteristic is not much however. The name that has an implied meaning calls the potential parents of “ infant not to know ” really, it spoke a blind area that does father and mother now.
Want us only a little advertent those case that just made parents can discover: To the darling 3 years old ago, parents can buy all sorts of costly famous brand —— to eat for darling, wear, those who use etc, but grow to the psychology of darling, intellective development however not much take a moment of be willing to part with or use and financial capacity. If give aunt or grandma grandmother feed little baby with respect to everything is just fine. But for the following to 3 years old darling but big different, buy all sorts of high-grade toys; Send best nursery school, although spend on ten also will not grudge; Taking darling to hurry off to all sorts of dancing, painterly, piano, English to wait on the weekend groom a development is intellective, fine of intention of it may be said is bitter. And the intelligence in the lifetime that the person is 3 years old ago actually and psychology grow the the fastest, most crucial period.
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