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Walk out of error of 0 years old of education (2)
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Of the error: Value intellective education, oversight is not intellective element education
“ disposition decides life ” . One this is a lot of person that succeed is comprehended jointly. People more and more realize: Face the society that high speed develops, only high intelligence quotient is insufficient, and social ability, psychokinesis, individual character, character and morals and control the blame intelligence element such as oneself mood and intelligence quotient are had equal significant position, removing the factor of the decision to the person's success occasionally even. The small prodigy that American psychologist ever learned school ” to “ talent people undertake 25 years dog findings shows: The performance in the domain that only the person of 40% is in in them is excellent among them. This shows, only high intelligence quotient can not achieve a success. Study abroad in Canada like two again and obtain the Chinese student studying abroad of the doctor's degree, the dilemma that because of cannot bearing the future faces temporarily and in pairs suicide is in exotic; Because generation chafes and a doctor leaving the United States that has an outlook very much loses reason to beat dead a few physicist on the spot with its adviser, commit suicide next. Make the United States will backward in physics domain 10 years for this, disastrous. These a few students of high intelligence quotient return unfulfilment its life value ended young life. If they are in,can control in the disposition on individual character the word of oneself mood, perhaps such tragedy won't happen.
As a result of historical reason, china's peculiar “ alone child culture ” brought a lot of issues: On one hand they clever, experience is extensive etc, but work as a result of parents on the other hand the busy, understanding that lacks infantile psychology requirement, communicate without consciousness and baby (before thinking 3 years old, especially whats do not know the baby 1 year old ago) , of elder doting and contemporary a variety of elements such as enclosed living mode make a lot of child lack societies and viability, selfish, disposition dissocial and the problem such as disposition obstacle. The report that occupies an authoritative orgnaization says: 10 thousand children suffer from state-owned 40-60 in alone disease and disposition obstacle. The expert points out, children loneliness disease and disposition obstacle result from mostly the serious overall growth obstacle of inchoate baby period. Regretting is most parents is after appearing when the problem, just cause take seriously, when seeking cure to already was everywhere too late. On the century, our parents should be in only 0-3 year old the key that behavior mode and disposition rudiment form period the blame intelligence element such as training of the mental health to darling, temperament tries to take seriously and teach a method scientificly, meet what reduce alone disease and disposition barrier greatly happen, make darling gets balanced development in every respect.
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