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Walk out of error of 0 years old of education (3)
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Of the error: Value left head education, oversight right head is taught
Psychologist points out: “ creativity is intellective highest expression ” . The cognitive style of it and right head is close together and relevant, however the education that we go to an university nearly 20 years from the baby however confine is taught at left head, mode of this one education already follow thousands of years. . For this education experts point out: In the traditional “ that passes a few chiliad left head teachs ” mode hind, the mankind will be badly in need of ” of revolution of “ right head.
Be in early 19 centuries, people already realized, the mankind the function of two side cerebra is equal not completely. Arrived 20 centuries the mankind at the beginning of 50 time end, 60 time announced to control cerebral function and become privileged appearance. From now on people just had real knowledge to controlling cerebral function, namely left head is good at waiting at language, logistic, analysis, number, and right head is good at be being mixed at description, imitate, imagination the individual character tendency of control of mood expression, psychokinesis, person and character trait are concerned with right head. The language of educational mode —— that can be the mankind thousands of years, maths, logistic, inference make our Zun Naoqian can get full parting send and developing, and right head potential is far under photograph comparing did not get full parting sending. But, as flying development of the society, people more and more the value that realizes the creativity that develops a person. Can say, creativity wisdom place prompts the every time flight of human civilization, and creativity comes from the cognitive style at right head just about.
A few schools of the Beijing at the beginning of 1999 start middle and primary school of a “ to give birth to right head to teach ” project, it indicates education is on an our country a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. And actually the optimal period of ” of education of “ right head should begin from 0 years old. Psychologist points out: Cerebrum development of the person has 3 fastigium, fetal period, 0-3 year old infant period with 4-12 year old children period. Among them 0-3 year old it is the most important period. No matter be of weight of neurological development, cerebra and cerebral cell amount,increase or the period that acknowledge and the development that control cerebral thinking is a rapid development, also be the important period that behavior mode and thinking means establish at the same time. But, no matter our discovery is numerous “ 0 years old the instructor that teachs ” or the parents that value 0 years old of education emphasize particularly on in practice at left head education oversight right head education. The ” of “ literacy card that if darling lets darling admit when 3 months are big,is stuck on corresponding thing, half years old begin to teach darling conversation, 1 year old or so begin to recite children's song and count, 2 years old are controlled partly begin to learn to wait for Zun Naoqian mathematically, and associate to darling, the development education of the right head potential such as thinking and the description such as imagination, figure, mood is a blank almost however.
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