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Walk out of error of 0 years old of education (4)
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Of the error: Disobey infant physiology and psychological feature subjective education
The father and mother with young great majority, know to begin to develop the ability such as infantile conversation and know how to read from 0 years old. Hang word card in corresponding content to see when a few months are big on, teach darling know how to read speech, read aloud different Tong Yao everyday to darling, do different game to wait a moment. Actually this kind of method that develops darling is a kind of error. Be like from 0 - 1 year old in light of infantile physiology and psychology, because articulate organ and the control ability to the tongue still do not have development to rise, talking ability is not the stress that this paragraph of period develops. And of darling antonym character comprehend ability far strong at him (she) talking ability, but the language that very rare mother goes to fostering darling comprehends ability.
Want to had become maternal person to have experience only, darling 2 - 4 when the month is big, can have understood a few words. If become you to say to darling: “ darling, helping feeder up with both hands. ” he (she) can help up with two little hands, and darling wants this word complete speak out to want the left and right sides clearly. Of character of visible darling antonym comprehend ability to be shown from 9 months. That is to say, darling impracticable, we are extortionary “ spoils things by excessive enthusiasm ” , and darling is good at we are not paid attention to however. Additional 0 - 1.5 year old darling likes to listen to reduplicative story, children's song, Tong Yao to wait. Because of him (she) the joy that hears a story depends on you telling in front when, he knows to want what to tell below you. My daughter begins to listen to me to repeat the ground to tell everyday from 0 years old " Lilliputian fish princess " story. According to observation, she hears a story can more dedicatedly when 2 months. After 4 months, want me to say to her only: Is “ mom told to you " Lilliputian fish princess " is the story good? She meets ” brandish gladly arm, two narrations can be understood when 7 months, and have oneself hobby choice. Say when me: Is mom told to you today " chelonian hare race " ? She uses an eye only fishily of straight straight ground looks at me. Then I say: “ is told then " Lilliputian fish princess " ! She shows ” to smile aglitter immediately and with joy systemic twist, arrive when 8 months, she had been familiar with the story very much, every time I tell: “ is abrupt, ” asks her next: ” how? When ” , the sound that she can stick up small mouth to give out “ toot ——” is brandishing arm is imitated blow. After knowing because of her I am telling “ abrupt ” , what tell then is: Blow rained, the boat broke up, prince fell into the sea. . . . . . . Then she reveals her to know with respect to the body language that uses her the content that I will interpret. Look at me proudly next, I give her enthusiastic praise.
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