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Walk out of error of 0 years old of education (5)
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Of the error: Walk out of the educational error of prodigy type
Most person is right of prodigy limitting is with him (she) super- constant memory and tower above are the same as age capacity of child know how to read will judge, namely some child can have known more than 2000 words 3 years old, 4 years old can carry many 300 ancient poetry on the back, 6 years old go up elementary school 3 grade etc, agency of a few transmission is reporting such coming that publicize substantially to also be when a certain prodigy. Then, the parents that hope children will have a bright future come for the target with this one mode the child that aggrandizement rears him, but its are gone to as a result toward things go contrary to one's wishes. If have ” of prodigy of a “ , 4 years old go up elementary school one grade, a newspaper of Beijing ever still had had a story to her at that time. But become her to go up,elementary school begins when 4 grade downhill, it is to her achievement when junior high school on the class in be being discharged only, go up, regretful is finally did not take an examination of attend a college. What don't this calculate actually, kind of education way that what make a person anxious more is type of “ prodigy ” is possible make the respect such as the child's psychology, character cannot get healthy progress. Beijing youth newspaper ever had interviewed a teenager undergraduate of 14 years old, because his father passes what lead is taught and become “ prodigy ” forcibly,he is completely. When the reporter asks him the view to father, he said beyond if people expects: I think “ kill his ” . According to him the mother says: Once he used the idea that kills father really, all but moved real. Can imagine, if this one thought became a fact, “ prodigy ” lost all senses.
To the infant 3 years old ago, the corrupt practice that the educational means place of type of “ prodigy ” brings is more serious. Above all, make or so head of the infant cannot get balanced, full-scale development, the education of type of ‘ prodigy ” is left head education merely. Human cerebra rises from right head development. Fetal basically use right brain with the infant, in ancient time left head of excel of human right head, give priority to in order to use right brain. The use of human left head is from what after having a language, just begin. Fetal reaching 0-3 is the times that gives priority to with right head, and the education that waits for type of ” of prodigy of left head “ with language, logic, did not make the potential of darling gets be developinged adequately. Next, the education of type of “ prodigy ” makes the physiology of darling, psychology cannot get healthy progress likely, the influence is more far-reaching for the infant of the important period that establishs to mode of disposition, behavior especially. When the baby that a mother is taking her 4 years old comes round to seek advice, speak of, her child is very clever, but he besides like to read a book, write, hear a story beyond, seem to be done not have again other the thing that allows him to be interested, and especially recreant, hot-tempered, do not be willing public go playing, more do not want mediate a settlement other little girl played. . . . . . . Actually she is very the mother that fulfil one's duty, but the mother that is not a qualification. The sort of uses formula of “ prodigy ” education method that we say her just as fosters her darling meticulously, but her oversight the education of respect of ” of business of darling “ affection. The society develops in high speed today, only high intelligence quotient is far insufficient. Home of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of American of one mind ever learned what “ prodigy ” had school ”100 name 25 years to dog to “ talent investigation and study makes clear: The performance in the domain that only the person of 40% is in in them is excellent among them. Visible, “ prodigy ” does not mean a become a useful person. The grow to full size is decided by many sided element.
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