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What do you still think the child that lets your learns?
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The handstand in swaddle, 6 months break off a leg, 1 year old of experienced balance beam,
13 months skate, two years old are read " middle "……

What do you still think the child that lets your learns?
Hope children will have a bright future, the wish that hopes female Cheng Feng is a lot of parents, show itself in increasingly intense society competition to let the child, carefree life goes up too after be brought up, a few impatient parents are in children begins to teach them to read when not full one full year of life know how to read, on elementary school was carried out before nursery school even the course with due ability teachs the middle school. Before before long, media reporter discovered two years old to be read in Shenyang " middle " , two years old of girls that carry chemical periodic chart on the back partly.

Be born to practise his skill before long two age child “ skill ” is not little
Father's “ becomes Cheng of long-term hired hand”Make just two years old of daughters of half already the famous person that “ all-round ” became place
After Li Mu blueness gets up everyday, two years old of girls of half should be read " 3 words classics " , learn a paragraph " 1000 words article " , these are used to the father Li Xiaodong that is her to give her education. In Home Li Xiaodong, two houses are stuck on 5 wall full he prepares for the daughter " 3 words classics " , " 1000 words article " , chemical periodic chart, beautiful China English is painterly, take another room from a house, walk along another wall from this wall, small Mu Qing should read all scripts with 90 minutes of ability, among them some of character feels even adult rare.
Speak of small Mu Qing, li Xiaodong of 36 years old is not concealed proud, what he says the daughter is met is far more than these. Small Mu Qing not only can recitation word, had begun to read now " university " , and can carry multiplication a pithy formula on the back, there is language feeling very much when reading English, japanese also can say a few words, and skate pretty good also. To teach a daughter wholeheartedly, he forgoed working opportunity, recumbent herd young mother is in the family every months 500 Qian Sheng that supermarket job earns are vivid.
Although the day is sufferred from, li Xiaodong however be content with one's lot. He tells a reporter, after high school graduates, he worked, " 3 words classics " , " university " , " middle " learn together with the daughter. Ever somebody is after the expression that is informed Mu Qing, give high pay to invite him to do domestic cheeper coach, li Xiaodong says those who give him to such honor and opportunity are the child.
Turn over small herd to grow greenly history, soul-stirring was full of everywhere inside have not full moon retroflexions with respect to practice of the move that be held in the palm by father experienced handstand, just full moon go to school swims, 6 months practice breaks off a leg, a year old of experienced balance beam, 13 months practice skates, two years old begin those who read undergraduate ability bring into contact with " middle " , every say a word wants to be taken advocate call guest. As father, why should Li Xiaodong let small child contact the training with rigorous so much?
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