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Yuesao Cui Zhang: From the "Five Star" rose "gold medal"
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December 15, Jinan ushered in the coldest this winte r day, the temperature to minus 11 degrees Celsius minimum. Around 7:30 am, Zhang Chui out of your own home from the bus. That day she was going to Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Jinan City, the employer Mrs Hung child is sick, she was going to hospital care. Because the hospital is not so far away from her home, she went out that day an hour late than usual, usual at this point she rushed to the employer is basically a home. "Zhang has been looking forward to Aunt earlier, a rise of four-thirty, and then looked up before half past five. Her to me 'liberation' of." Employers Miss Kong, told reporters. Although the child was born just 26 days, but Zhang Cui Miss Kong is already looking for a third Yuesao. The first dry day, "is kept to allow me to eat eggs, drink syrup, that would add nutrients"; second something can not come home; "We find a good aunt Yuesao know what." Zhang Cui Yuesao started in 2005, in May of this year rose to a gold medal from the star, the monthly wages rose to 1,800 yuan from the original 2,700 yuan, "Upgrading to test not only test theories also look at the actual operation." Although this year has been 50 years old, teaches maternal postpartum recovery operation like Zhang Cui also take the test. From day to eat eggs, drink sugar to nutritious meals three meals a day, four or five times soup, and even 10 o'clock at night to drink the soup is ready in advance, Mrs Hung said, had thought the same as the first Yuesao are now found difference too. The child is sick is found in Zhang Cui. Before she took over, Miss Kong children have been coughing for three days, the original Yuesao did not say anything, Miss Kong family did not too seriously. Zhang Cui said after seeing what was wrong with the child must, to the hospital for an examination is aspiration pneumonia, this pneumonia is common in newborns, usually choked during feeding. "Zhang aunt a quick top half of the doctor." Mrs Hung said. Year about 10 babies and take care of their mother, Zhang Cui said that experience is very important, more important is a sense of responsibility, conscience. Yuesao a maternity home will generally work in one month, two months, the time passed quickly, to be lazy, Shuahua easy. Zhang Cui said she could not do such a thing, "as long as I live on the dry eyes." Yuesao main job is to take care of mothers and infants, but as to the employer family cooking, cleaning, cotton-padded clothes to the baby do this live Zhang Cui did not do less, "If you interview with Zhang aunt to our house, you need to back followed her nap because as she was restless moment. "Mrs Hung said. Good Yuesao worry about finding a job. Now, Zhang Cui employed in the year 10 times 8 is introduced among the employers came. Mrs Hung said, a little regret, and the contract signed by Zhang Cui short. Currently, to find Zhang's have been lined up Chui middle of next year.