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Our city "Beijing Yuesao" boom lift home
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Recently, reporters from the city employment bureau human resources market and the municipal Women's Federation has learned that the city "Beijing Yuesao" recent signs of returning boom, the city Bureau of Labor and Employment Zhangyue Jun, deputy director of human resources market, told reporters in recent years because of the city Yuesao need more and more, the price is pushed up again, so, now more than 50% of the "Beijing Yuesao" to return to the haksong work for the city's child-care services industry a strong input of fresh blood an so that the level of service the city Yuesao a new level. The return of the "Beijing Yuesao" highly haksong mother favored by many to be favorable for middle-class families. "Beijing Yuesao" is made by the Labour Bureau and the Municipal Women's Federation, City Federation of Trade Unions, the Joint Beijing's "Yuesao domestic companies to" provide training, achieved outstanding results issued after the beginning of the municipal labor bureau, intermediate and advanced "Yuesao card" after being transported to the main cities of Beijing. There, they learned to use the mettle, the older kids from care, to small children, as business skills, tactics skilled and experienced "Yuesao", and thus the name "Beijing Yuesao." Zhang Yuejun said that the rise in the nursery industry, the first three years, the city's "Yuesao" service gap between price and more than half of Beijing, many get "Yuesao card" and thus chose to leave Yuesao native, went to the capital. Now, with the city people's living standards, combined with most of the current school-age child population, in addition to parents, there are grandparents, grandfather, grandmother, described as "thousands of pet in a" so on "Yuesao" The demand is at all costs who want to find a good nursing. Demand increased, so that the city "Yuesao" service prices and Beijing basically similar to many of the "Beijing Yuesao" have to return home to work a "Beijing Yuesao" Homecoming boom. In addition, there are other factors, such as "Beijing Yuesao" more for the 4050 staff, is there are old, under a young age, distant family members always linger in their dreams ... ... At present, people who did not come home, mostly because there are not immediately hand down a job, or a good relationship with the employer can not bear to get out to leave, or have children to work in Beijing, so remain in Beijing. In the interview, Beijing's special Ke Ai-Dong Liu Yuesao manager told reporters that "Yuesao card" of staff by enhancing training in Beijing (eg, home notes, professional ethics, counseling, regional training, professional training etc.) and Yuesao practice, experience, excellent skills, morals more standardized, and very popular with locals. However, due to need their loved ones at home, so "Beijing Yuesao" more willing to return home, back to relatives work. Shen Yuehua staff of the company, said this year's "May Day" period, the only special Ke "Beijing Yuesao" more than 30 people have returned to Aceh, is Hecheng work at home mother to child clients. So, the reporter called two of the "Beijing Yuesao" the contact phone number. Zhao Zhongxiu, 45 years old, after training at the municipal Women's Federation was "Yuesao" card, then the labor bureau in the city nursery class for advanced and achieved the "Advanced Yuesao card", in 2008, went to Beijing. She said: "I am at least 8,9 to take care of a baby in May this year when the hospital for surgery, care of the sick mother, I have returned to Aceh. When to take care of the mother's illness, also have to take care of Aceh feeding of the job, I would at home for employment, but also can obtain access to job, wages not less than Beijing, but not away from home, can have more care of her mother and family, so I not want to leave out. " Ming Shu Yan, 50, has five to six years Yuesao experience in the "Beijing Yuesao" is called "gold Yuesao", she received a list of one. She said: "I do Yuesao 2005, the original Red House Hospital in Shanghai to accompany the mother and child, son of the sister company, achieved through study and practice of 'High Yuesao card'. Later, her husband passed away in Shanghai, sad to leave, I have to work in Beijing. April 16 this year, a baby daughter, I returned to Aceh to help her kids, and later also connected to the list here ... ... "conversation, the child woke up side of the phone Ming Shu Yan hastily hung up the phone to the care of children. "With the Beijing Yuesao care, we are mother and child are healthy, although the high pay, but I feel the value." In the interview, sitting just finished a month of the mother excitedly told reporters.