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Star Yuesao 6400 the minimum wage trade union has the power to Beijing
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August 2009, Beijing launched a grass-roots trade unionists professional pilot. After a year of active exploration, this team has become a full-time employees are the backbone, or even no place to recruit a unit, the surrounding environment, bad health, in front of a car the size of Luantingluanfang other things, as long as the feedback to the grass-roots trade unionists There, almost all been resolved. At the same time, this grassroots team, in promoting organizations, strengthen the system construction, participation in social services and public administration have played a positive role. Today, the streets of Garden Road Haidian District, Beijing Vice-Chairman Monte Yuling trade union work, talked about wage negotiations continued for a month, still feel excited and agitated. Early September, "Garden Road, Haidian District, regional domestic services sector wage negotiation agreement" won 68 of the staff representatives unanimously. Since then, eight domestic companies in the region more than 6,500 domestic workers will be salaried job rating, star Yuesao minimum monthly wage of 6,400 yuan. In the Garden Road area, Meng Yu-ling was used to called "Mongolian President", say her specific title, should be "full-service social workers in unions." "Ten years of sword" full-time union team training As early as 2000 years ago, the new economic organizations and new social organizations springing up across the country have sprung up. Some of these organizations, the lack of higher authorities, and some lack of understanding on the establishment of trade union organizations, coupled with the lack of manpower to the streets of towns, leading to the formation of grass-roots trade union work space, the situation in Beijing is even more prominent. "It was a lot of grass-roots trade union, said the situation is not clear on the area, including the number of non-public economic enterprises exist, how the size of the workforce, the collection of contributions is even harder." Chaoyang District, Beijing, a grass-roots trade unionists recalled . To this end, Chaoyang District, hired some retired, have had experience in mass work party and government cadres to do these things thoroughly. "These people are volunteers teach here until 2003 and 2004, subsidies are only three five hundred look like." These people are doing good work in all districts and counties of Beijing learn to follow, after several years of development, the team grew. By 2007, most of the streets of Beijing at least one union township Assistant, full-time service which is now the prototype of the union of social workers. In early 2009, "Beijing Federation of Trade Unions on the implementation of strengthening the legal services program (Trial)" made it clear to city, county, parastic three service system as the carrier, to establish and improve the labor dispute mediation, labor laws and supervision, legal education and the labor unions and other legal assistance mechanisms; to introduce the power of social rights as a breakthrough, establish and improve legal services system, to enhance the trade union legal services, and continue to meet the needs of employees, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and promote harmonious labor relations stability. "Beijing proposed the building service union is to adapt to the objective situation of economic and social development needs." Liang said Beijing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions President, with the social and economic composition, forms of organization, employment, interest and modalities of distribution of diversity, especially the third industry and the rapid development of non-public economy, migrant workers and non-public enterprise workers, labor dispatching workers, informal employment showing the large number of dispersed employment, liquidity, the characteristics of weak defenders. Trade unions, as the largest social group membership, in the areas of work, rights priorities, operational mechanisms, their ways of working need to change accordingly. In the same year in August, in line with 12351 hotline staff and network information platform opened, including Beijing's attempts to build a Student Assistant, trade unions and a variety of additional labor and social security coordinators and social workers team of full-time union workers, who are active in the city 553 union service centers (stations), while each union has a unified service site signs, rules and regulations and work processes. The main role of full-time union officers become increasingly apparent And Yu-Ling Meng, as union president Liu Rui Beijing Longtan Street is one of them, he and two assistants, three wardens are busy every day state. "In the past, we just check the company is not paid wages to the minimum wage in Beijing, now the workers need to help each unit in consultation with the boss. If you encounter area unit of labor disputes, we also help to mediate." Liu Rui said. Area of light industry in different communities in the north, the scale of 11 different units, including alcohol and tobacco shops, small restaurants, hair salon, the public bathhouse, Jiucheng staff are outsiders. Street worker to more than 100 employees of these units, questionnaires were distributed and later convened a staff representative for each unit held a forum, demanding the trade union representative is not for the boss relatives. After negotiations with employee representatives, trade unions and they gathered all the business owners forum. "This is a very difficult process, just about all the business owners together to spend a month." Liu Rui said, the community eventually reached 1,200 yuan owned enterprises into the workers, the wage increase of 10% on the consensus of all the units, as signed wage agreement, signed by each unit and a separate detailed agreement, agreement with high technology jobs into higher employee-owned. This result has been the recognition of all employees. Vice-Chairman of Beijing Federation of Trade Unions Han Zirong introduction, for the full-time union staff selection, recruitment of community workers in Beijing as the basis, through the review, written tests, interviews, assessment, training phase, selected from engaging in trade union meet the requirements of the service personnel. "These people entered into the form to send commercial buildings, parastic communities, regions within the Union and held senior positions in the joint trade unions, there are many full-time as chairman of grassroots trade unions." In order to improve the ability of these officers perform their duties responsibly, to ensure that employees can speak and act, Beijing has increased at all levels of government funding. Currently the staff includes five insurance payments and income subsidies, municipal, district, the burden of fiscal parastic 1 / 3, not long ago and with reference to certain social standards rise. They can also participate in social work division title examinations, directly linked to income and professional qualifications. At the same time, Beijing has also commissioned a test center brewing qualification held from time to time, by administrative practice basic business skills and knowledge of trade unions as the main content, measured by the standard and ability. The future, Beijing has plans to further research, the treatment with reference to the full allocation of staff and institutions. Incorporate the development of trade union chairman of direction, but need step by step This year, a series of trade union rights by domestic events to promote, in particular the position of head of the grassroots trade unions and trade union funds is subject to different companies, leading trade unions in labor disputes, it is difficult to maintain effectively the interests of workers, the ACFTU trade union intends to speed up reforms process. This year in July, the total through the whole decision to request the end of 2011, the township (street) trade unions, regional, grass-roots trade union federation of trade union workers employed by the higher union wage grading burden. Beijing has become one of the country's 10 pilot cities. "Grass-roots level to help workers rights union president has inherent advantages, but they are basically administrative assignment or appointment to explore the changes in this part of the people and businesses of the attachment, really play the main role of activists, union members work for more, is trend. "admitted the industry to start the democratic process," direct "mode is not difficult, the higher trade union responsible for" direct elections "is not difficult to pay the President, but elected, means that their fried squid businesses. No appointments will expire soon, or not properly perform their duties due to be replaced or removed, the community became directly elected President of the unemployed who need to find work from moving forward. "Thus, grass-roots trade union chairman is difficult to put down the 'rice bowl'. In this case, only two legs, first full-service social workers unions to do this, companies need to change the role of union president a gradual manner. " In fact, the primary trade union in order to play a role, of course need the support from the higher level trade union organizations, but ultimately, the power of trade unions from the workers, only to obtain their endorsement and support of grass-roots trade union organizations to have real power for workers rights . Therefore, the primary trade union appointed Chairman of both the full-time social worker, or to "direct elections" in the form of generated candidates, "rice bowls" independence is only the first step. Currently, full-service unions Beijing reason why social workers were recognized, it is because they want employees are thinking, anxious workers are anxious to create a good working atmosphere, and ultimately play its due role.