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Beijing had 15 career 20 million annual salary of the average monthly salary of
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Yesterday, the City Human IESS official website of Beijing 2010 guidance wage levels for the labor market, labor costs and business conditions, on the 1476 occupation (jobs) gives guidance wage levels for the labor unit in the recruitment of staff and workers to negotiate pay to provide job reference. More than 1400 of them in this career, the director (general manager) to average 38 million annual salary indisputably the most money in the profession. The new graduates of college graduates pay a low number of first increase in three years, the pay gap decreased. Guidance wage levels for staff positions reflect the wages of different levels, including the people responsible, professional and technical personnel, officers, business services personnel, transport equipment operators and so on. Data guidance wage levels for more than a "low, median, high numbers mean" four forms of release. These data are in the post 20 million in wages and nearly 5,000 state enterprises on a large scale labor cost analysis of the situation after the formation of aggregate, will establish a scientific enterprise to provide reference for the internal distribution system. 15 annual salary of more than 200,000 professional According to statistics, management, and professional and technical staff guidance wage levels for the highest average annual salary of more than 20 million job 15, such as lawyers, product planning manager, sales and marketing managers. Director (General Manager) to become the most profitable occupation, the average annual salary of nearly 38 million, the highest or even up to 77 million yuan. Chief Financial Officer at an average annual salary of 36 million ranks second chairman of the board to the level of the average annual salary of 330,000 yuan in third place. The average monthly salary of 1,626 yuan ordinary nanny Unlike in previous years, this year's more detailed guidance wage levels, which in the domestic service, child-care division, and 2,143 yuan respectively Yuesao and the average price of 2,141 yuan to become integrated among the industry's highest-paid professional, general of domestic workers was 1,626 yuan a comprehensive price. Reduce the pay gap between graduates This year, newly graduated college graduates, the low number of integrated price of 1,233 yuan, 132 yuan from last year. Beginning in 2007, that number has been a declining trend for three consecutive years, this year the situation was finally reversed. In contrast, the number of comprehensive high price of 7817 yuan from last year down to 5,763 yuan, a decline significantly. The highest average labor costs Securities Also announced is the "2009 state of the industry, labor costs," including the average labor costs, labor costs, the proportion of total value added, labor costs accounted for sales revenue and labor costs, the proportion of the total cost of the four indicators. Statistics show that the average labor cost of the securities industry, the highest, reaching 326,386 yuan / year, people, business services lowest, 27,165 yuan / year, people.