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Monthly salary of two thousand Yuesao still difficult to find the Heart
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"The city's minimum wage of 750 yuan a month, but now find Yuesao about a month to 2,000 yuan." Even such a high salary, in order to please a Heart Yuesao is not an easy task. Recently, Xiao Song told reporters the public Sigh. 4 months pregnant Xiao Song told reporters, Shiyan City Yuesao not only difficult to find and the price is quite high. "I found a half a year in advance, did not think I would have so hard." Xiao Song told reporters, in order to find a good Yuesao, can be described as The entire family, parents inquire about private good Yuesao, she and her husband is responsible to contact domestic companies. The inquiries, the price of Yuesao really surprised they are not small. "Asked several monthly salary of 2,000 yuan in the lowest 1,500 yuan also." Xiao Song said, and she also learned that even such a high price, some at least had to make an appointment one month in advance, and some need Another deposit. Xiao Song's parents inquire about the results are not encouraging: Yuesao very difficult to find a good word of mouth, many Yuesao time slots are very full, and some even have been routed to the end of the year, with domestic companies to offer comparable cost, Some Even higher than domestic companies. "My husband and I do not add up to one month's salary to 4,000 yuan, the cost so high is unacceptable." Xiao Song said, no way, when she finally decided to allow parents to help. Subsequently, the reporter to find out the identity of the employer five consecutive domestic companies, the results of Xiao Song said with the same high prices, hard to find Yuesao Shiyan City is currently the market has become a big reality. 3 of them told reporters that the most Good one month in advance booking, domestic companies also charge 100-300 yuan ranging referral fee. "We introduced Yuesao, are 24-hour working system, not only to take care of their children every day, know how to give the baby a bath, massage, etc., but also to the mothers to do body massage, scrub, bath ... ... and all these Yuesao Is the result after the induction of relevant training. "Many domestic companies said that as Yuesao work day and night, so the wage is much higher than the average nanny. Reporter learned from those domestic companies, Yuesao four or five years old in age, but also the sub-grade, general beginner, intermediate, advanced and so on. Yuesao different levels, the price charged is also somewhat different.