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Well-organized professional training guanyun Yuesao to create local products
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Guanyun Wang Yi Town shoe flower carries a laid-off workers, "Yuesao card", has recently embarked on a bus south of Shanghai. Accompanied by more than 10 towns from other farm women. This is the first time Wang spent taking a trip, but think of Shanghai side "women's maternal and child care center park" has been given the job well, to connect directly to a university professor nursing baby at home, her heart did not feel Not practical. Guanyun Women's Federation President Duyou Juan told reporters, the county accumulated a thousand people engaged in Yuesao work, there are about 3,000 "guanyun Yuesao" in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nantong, Nanjing and other cities work. According to reports, Guanyun Yuesao group is spawned from a market information. Around 2000, I heard a large number of Guangdong needed Yuesao, Ninghai town trained to spot more than 300 laid-off workers and farm women. Free food packages at Yuesao Live, can earn 1,000 yuan a month, which guanyun for is considered a very attractive job. Today, the guanyun Yuesao certificates are the average monthly salary of 2,000 yuan or more, higher than the average for a domestic nanny Cut, and the treatment also showed a rising trend year by year. "It's 10 years, 'Yuesao' have also gone through a change in concept!" Relevant local people told reporters that Yuesao is considered the beginning of "4050" sister, Aunt they do, but now, more and more Young Training people to come, call out "Yuesao", a big girl would openly agree with this status. In 2006, county Women's Federation and Star Guanyun domestic training school together, efforts to create "guanyun Yuesao" the brand, registration of all professional training for women. According to provincial policy was also launched "Poverty Alleviation Training vouchers "Yuesao free training courses are held regularly. Since then, Guanyun Yuesao start" certificates. " Home Economics Training School star, said Ren Xuemei, Yuesao training is by no means a mere formality. One to two months of training time, in addition to learning and moral etiquette, infant and child care, cooking, puerperal substandard care and use of new appliances , But also includes "soft power" training. For example, learn and be good at smiling is to strengthen the skills and training to strengthen the care of love, emphasizing good communication with employers, learn to accommodate other people's "weaknesses" and so on. Then Examination, pass an order issued by the labor security department issued a "domestic Yuesao certificate." "As difficult as the test driver's license, meet the requirements, the door will not let out of the county!" Taking into account the many months of rural women to participate in the county Sao training is not convenient, in 2009, Guanyun Yuesao free training courses to do towns, women's federations at all levels is responsible for organizing training. Shanghai Heroine Park is designed to do this market companies, they said, "How many Guanyun Yuesao how many." This reputation stems from Guanyun Yuesao be trusted. Early July of this year, arrived in the Iraqi town of Zhu Xiujuan employer Home only a week and his father died on the illness, if the home on leave at this time, certainly would cause inconvenience to their employers, Zhu Xiujuan been insisting to the end of the work. Subsequently, the maternal family and insiders moved. According to statistics, when Yuesao earn back nearly a year guanyun billion. Lai Zi Yi Lu Town, Changzhou Hedong community Yuesao 2006 Mianfei the first phase of training students in April 2007 to Shanghai, from one star Yuesao dry, has been Till now the four-star, the monthly income of 5,000 yuan. Today, more than 10 annual service Changzhou Lu family, almost without interruption over Yuesao work. She proudly told the reporter that, in the Greater Shanghai, a lot of smart people to be named "Guanyun Yuesao!" Interview, local sources said that when the county departments and intermediary organizations look for this particular line of business Yuesao, specialized features to enhance skills training in this area, coupled with "Yuesao" between friends "to help pass band" The results to make such a "local products." Can be seen, there is nothing. No significant mountain dew Yuesao market, as long as careful management, can also get good returns.