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Tens of renown babies have the throughout the country kidney stone
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Baby of “14 renown one full year of life suffers from kidney stone, doubt some brand milk powder is chief culprit. After this story that ” sees print sent wall bulletin yesterday, beautiful jade of Anhui person week (alias) fraught inside hospital of Nanjing city children, her child also because of kidney stone hospitalization, and she asks, there are 5 children to once had eaten the powdered milk of same brand unexpectedly in same disease area, the milk powder that can you be this brand? As we have learned, at present Jiangsu saves wholesome hall to had intervened investigation.

Big in October baby gets kidney stone

Zhou Lin's daughter already 10 months are big. Because do not have milk, it is very important to choose a milk powder to darling. This brand compares “ old, ate to be at ease. ” Zhou Lin tells a reporter, photograph comparing is other at every turn about a hundred yuan entrance milk powder, family circumstances is not the milk powder that very rich Zhou Lin picked this brand. The child is born to eat this oneself, a week is about to eat one big pot.

On September 1 in the evening, the daughter is not discharged suddenly give make water, this kind of state lasted 4 days. The family spent 1800 money to take a taxi from Anhui directly rapidly Nanjing children hospital, the result that be in hospital checks makes Zhou Lin astonied, the daughter of malcontent one full year of life got kidney stone unexpectedly, and double kidney has stone, two calculous diameters have 7 millimeter. Zhou Lin tells a reporter: Doctor “ asks I ate the powdered milk of this brand to the child directly, I say yes, the doctor nods say ‘ comes again a ’ . ” just 3 days, cure had cost 10 thousand yuan, think the daughter may want operation, zhou Lin's tear flowed.

Medical expert

Whether because of edible akin milk powder causes disease, cannot leave final conclusion

Be in Nanjing area, south medical science is big 2 adding a courtyard also is to close control one of children patient's more hospitals, paediatrics director Gan Weihua says this courtyard, we did not receive “ the kidney stone small patient that because onefold food is caused,treats. She says ” , these year come, kidney stone small patient compares grow in quantity of in former years really, but bring about the child to suffer from on of kidney stone, have integrated factor, for instance some little patients are congenital, the channel with some little patient calcic platoons not free, cannot eat some kind of milk powder simply to be able to cause kidney stone certainly.

Dr. Yan Xiang tells surgery of make water of secrete of Nanjing drum-tower hospital the reporter, whether can cause kidney stone to be returned at present to milk powder bad to leave final conclusion, the cause that causes kidney stone has a lot of, some children are congenital body has drawback character, for instance a priori is high calcic make water, also likelihood and water relative, some patient homes are in a country, long-term and drinkable is well water of place, water quality slants “ hard ” , this also may be a reason that has calculous disease.
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