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Russia will be in Lu Jiya of case of global order circularly the arrest of a cri
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Round-the-world times is stationed in Liang Xiaoyi of reporter of Russia engage by special arrangement to report Russia plans to arrest Gelujiya's president Sakashenweili, can release international order for arrest to its when necessary, want its to be reached to team member of Russia peace keeping in south the responsibility of dead burden law of the Russia citizen that ladder of abstruse a place of strategic importance lives.

According to Russian empire the news agency reported on September 1, kelishen expresses · of Alexander of vice-chairman of committee of problem of law of Russian federal committee, famous Templar, according to Russian penal code “ of the 357th chapter is phyletic slaughter the relevant provision of ” , the agree that causes Russian citizen death carries criminal responsibility, although this crime happens on the territory beyond Russia.

Kelishen still emphasizes particularly, if “ suspect escapes investigation, or be in track unidentified condition can undertake order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large to its, this order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large can be confederative level, also can be alone inside limits of couplet system state or it is global limits inside. And, can adopt coercive measures to getting the person of order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large (if arrest) . In the meantime, when necessary Russia still will is opposite Gelujiya's president is located the Three Kingdoms puts forward extradite to ask, in order to make its accept Russia court trial.