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Beijing is public transportation executed explosion proof to install check in Au
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Beijing of China News Service on July 29 report (reporter Du Yan) Feng Qingfu of vise general manager of Beijing public transportation group discloses 29 days, rose on August 1, explosion proof safety will be executed to check inside Beijing public transportation site and car, if discover doubtful wrap up and very doubtful personnel, will decline take public transportation car.

Feng Qingfu expresses, to ensure restful Olympic Games, beijing is public transportation the setting cannot be in to install check establishment in the passageway that close like the subway or airport, accordingly, beijing public transportation group already accepted the organization major to groom 5000 be in Beijing by personnel to 7000 department much place has safe go on a tour of inspection inside public transportation site and railroad car.

He expresses, these department have no right to include examination passenger travelling bag by personnel, basically look through “ 2 hear 3 ask ” is mixed carry safe detector to implement the measure that install check.

Doubtful to discovery wrap up, will politely decline a passenger to take its car, or reject this passenger to take public transportation car. If have sudden event, department multiplies personnel general dial for a short while one by one O calls the police phone.

He says, 3 drilling before public transportation meeting takes an active part in Beijing to kick off in Beijing Olympic Games. When the Olympic Games is surpassed, beijing is public transportation will tourist of China and foreign countries and Beijing citizen offer a the most convenient travel to serve.

Feng Qingfu discloses, since executive sheet after even numbers is restricted to go, beijing is daily and mutual start off of more than 18000 car, public transportation and daily increase the guest flow that restricts million person-time, day guest discharge achieves 13 million person-time.