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Combine clean of treasure of benefit China for company to rise in price
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Report from our correspondent as we have learned, clean of graceful of Pan of the month on afterwards, beautiful person after raising price, treasure clean China began to be started the 2nd round from July 21 raise price, the side treasure that the main commodity that raise price issues for the banner is comfortable with series of the treasure that protect easy, go up amount to 7%-15% , achieve in recent years most. And its strong opponent combines benefit China also undertaking with day the price is adjusted, involve a product to have washing powder, wash clothes black and complaisant agent, the most rising panel height is amounted to 20% .
The set of sanitary towel of the treasure that protect easy that the reporter sees treasure clean group in China couplet supermarket today goes up control basically in 1 yuan, the side treasure that cost price is 51 yuan is comfortable (formfitting good move) in pack promoted 53 yuan sadly. To this, explanation of Zhang Qunxiang of spokesman of treasure clean company says, bao Jie moves price target this to lock up things of the baby that decide Fu, also be to follow the raw material spurt in prices of this kinds of product to concern. According to introducing, bibulous material of —— of the mainest raw material and pulp are in diaper of sanitary towel, paper to one year those who amount to 50% above go up in the past.

And the reporter discovers at the same time, the price that combines product of benefit China part also is adjusted somewhat, the washing powder that combines benefit China, complaisant agent go up be in basically 2 to 3 yuan between, force person shampoo also went up from 28.5 former yuan 32.5 yuan.

But, in happy buy etc large sell this one attune valence phenomenon not apparent, still sell with sales promotion means mostly. In addition, the member that bar receives silver tells a reporter, of the price increase did not cause too big effect to the client, but also partial client expresses to know to rise in price far from this thing.

In the light of rise in price phenomenon, happy buy lowing explanation of headquarters spokesman Wu Ting to say, because global crude oil rises in price, begin from the beginning of the year, individual cleanness things and domestic articles for use have distinct range rise in price, extent is in 10%-20% . And this kind rises in price is Bao Jie and associated benefit not only China two big groups, almost all products and manufacturer have involve. □ reporter | Luan Li | Report