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Let darling be born " regression is natural "
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3 elements bring about yield of tall analyse palace

Yu Mei of doctor of vice director of chairman of department of gynaecology and obstetrics of hospital of baby of Beijing Ma beautiful Fu thinks, the cause that causes yield of tall analyse palace nowadays basically has 3: It is a lot of people, include to tell a crowd high, exquisite let the child give birth to a wedding day good time, and many pregnant woman and family member assume sth as a matter of course the ground thinks, analyse palace is produced is to perform an operation to take baby, the child that should bear extruding to just be born fully than passing natural labor is cleverer, as it happens is actually contrary; 2 it is a few pregnant woman that pay attention to life quality, afraid and natural childbirth can bring about the vagina flabby, affect good fortune of ” of prospective “ sex; 3 it is the angle from cure source sex for, obstetric regard high risk as section office, instrument of contemporary and advanced medical treatment can undertake more careful custody to the puerpera, new medical treatment index may become the basis that analyse palace produces again. Hospital the safety to assure a puerpera, avoid risk, add analyse palace to produce the maturity of the operation, be willing to offer analyse palace to produce an operation more.

Of millennium darling gather together consequence already was shown

But Zheng of expert of population of Chinese Academy of Sciences points out really, infantile birth needs a society to come burden, so experience of social natural resources is added suddenly or decrease suddenly, can produce many society problem, the 3 big real difficult problem that bring necessarily are: Teach the inadequacy of establishment; The difficulty of the pressure of medical treatment, obtain employment, provide for the aged and governmental government hobo.

Millennium darling brings about nowadays gather together consequence is shown already, these children from be born, build got on to sail in early rush hour the bus that go out, boundless in journey, if want to seek a seat on board, it is very difficult to perhaps search a capacious place to standing, face serious lifetime congested problem. The phenomenon that population gathers together, turn the current situation that reachs China, sheet looks from educational natural resources, the nursery school of Beijing is decreasing, elementary school also is in remove and, the population of abrupt increase sharply creates the competition that gets educational chance necessarily.

Relevant expert still analyses and forecast: Around China will be entered 2020 aged society, right now labour force population appears to be worth by the peak and the inflection point of be issued to lower levels. 2030 around, the scale of the aged population of 65 years old of above of Chinese predicts to will be achieved 17% the left and right sides. Late childbirth of present family planning, marry at a mature age and the fighting spirit of labour force amount that capturing a family to will make did not come in arisen man are decreased, the productivity that is in summit summit also will as infantile current population often go and slide.
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