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Research discovers the baby is born to be able to differentiate good person hell
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New wall bulletin since the coverage is long-term on January 6, people thinks the baby is not sensible all the time. But scientist discovery, actually the baby exceeds to the eye of adult behavior common, their harsh action to adult also detest.

Can divisional good person and hellion

Yale experts the ” of “ ability to appreciate a person's character and ability for confirm baby, do not be 6 months and 10 babies with big month to demonstrate puppet of a “ to perform ” to two constituent, they act 3 parts with the puppet of 3 different figure: The “ interrupter ” of the “ helper ” of ” of the “ scaler ” that tries to mountaineer, delegate “ good person and ” of delegate “ hellion. “ helper ” assists “ scaler ” to mount hill, and “ interrupter ” pushs “ scaler ” downhill.

Subsequently, researcher puts the carved figure of “ helper ” and “ interrupter ” together, let a baby choose, 16 darling with 10 big months are medium as a result, 14 prefer “ helper ” , what 12 darling with 6 big months choose is complete it is ” of “ good person. This makes clear a baby people the “ helper ” that is happy to aid person ” to “ has good opinion more.

Can judge adult expression

Infantile eye exceeds our imagination, their nerve can experience the thing that a lot of adults cannot sense. Half years old of big baby can be divisional the differentia of face of 2 pieces of monkeys, and the adult cannot see.

Will still make clear to infantile research for years, the baby can judge expression of adult face ministry. The baby is put after Picasso the eye in the picture and nose exchange the position before, the baby can turn around the face, but when if put true Picasso picture,arriving before him, he was enchanted immediately.   
Be born to have sympathize with a heart

In addition, baby from be born to be full of sympathize with a heart, can form resonance with the mood of someone else. Psychology of university of American new York teachs Hoffman to put a baby by another little baby that crying, two people can cry greatly. But when arriving half years old, they won't follow others to cry normally, can pour crying little companionate make a face instead. (Article origin: Golden sheep net - new wall bulletin)