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Big in August male baby weighs 20 kilograms
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Cheng) up to yesterday, yu Qing of Liu of Shanxi fat baby is admitted to hospital to already had 5 days, the month is big 8 his weight has achieved 20 kilograms. Capital children institute endocrine division is on duty the doctor says, bring about its weight to fly chief reason still is at present in the examination.

2.5 kilograms are weighed when male baby is born

Yesterday morning, just finish after the small Yu Qing that exsanguinate checks drank dot water, was asleep again, father puts him to the bed, let the high quilt on his pillow. If “ pillow was lowered, he sleeps uncomfortable, can cry again ” , eaves celebrates maternal Li Meiping to say, the child is born oneself after 5 months, sleep to like pillow tall pillow.

Last year on July 7 midday 12 when, li Meiping is gravid the 39 nature after week labor, 2.5 kilograms are weighed when small Yu Qing is born. But after 3 months, his weight rises with respect to flying growth, parents took him to make an inspection to local hospital, it is normal to discover each body asks for the body. Doctor “ suspicion is to lack vitamin, anaemic be caused by, but check also result of it doesn't matter. ” eaves celebrates father Liu Jianjun to say, when waiting for the child to grow 8 months, weight already grew reach 20 kilograms, child of “ my concern grows older more, affect normal growth. ”

Father is assumed hold child task in the arms

The male baby weight with 8 great months is 16 jins are controlled commonly, dan Xiaoyu is celebrated be head and shoulders above this one groovy weight however, and height is long also reach 60 centimeters. Yesterday, when a few family members of the ward that be the same as a layer see Yu Qing, be unable to bear or endure persistently boast: “ looks, this crus, grow so fatly. ” one middleaged lady is held in the arms from the bed when removing Yu Qing, hold in the palm with both hands nervously, say persistently: “ is really heavy, how is his Mom nursed to him? ”

Height 1.58 meters Li Meiping weight is firm 45 kilograms. She expresses, the child drinks a mother to breed at present, write down do not get a day to be able to be fed to him suckled how many times, the task that adopts a child now gives child father, when wanting every times to nurse, it is the husband is held in the arms come in her bosom.

Capital children institute endocrine division is on duty the doctor says, cause children fat reason is very much, bring about small Yu Qingfa's fat reason to still be at present in the examination