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News in brief: Company of 3 deer group releases product recall statement to say
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Xinhua net Beijing on September 11 report (jade of reporter Zhou Ting) Inc. of 3 deer group releases Shijiazhuang 11 days late product recall statement, the share that says classics company self check discovers to leave factory before August 6, 2008 approves milk powder of 3 deer infant to get 3 get together the pollution of cyanogen amine, there are 700 tons about on the market.

The person that expend for offset is responsible, the powdered milk of 3 deer infant that company decision is opposite 3 deer group to was produced before on August 6, 2008 instantly is whole recall.

Expert of Ministry of Public Health points out, 3 get together cyanogen amine is a kind of industrial chemicals, can bring about human body urology to produce stone.

The near future, case of illness of stone of urology of infant of much exemple of report of Gansu Province and other places, investigation discovers the little patient has edible more the history of milk powder of recipe of 3 deer infant