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Baby of mother of Beijing love darling nurses service center
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Baby of mother of Beijing love darling nurses the service center is invest by the Taiwan businessman, love baby hospital by international senior expert advocate manage, administrator has rich major to carry out experience, have Euramerican a series of advanced thinking mode, offer a high quality for broad pregnant woman, all-around service platform. Make your pregnant Cheng does not have care, feed without teach care, early without care, no matter day and night can make you safe,set his mind at satisfactory be at ease.

Mu Ying nurses service personnel by the whole nation the ground again obtain employment grooms the center is offerred, undertake unity grooming by expert of professional a hospital for gynaecology and obstetrics. Rising level is strict, consolidate management, integrated quality is high, provide safe, reliable, accurate, excellent service. The center acts on credit first tenet, create a brand, make “ 4 top-ranking ” .

Service tenet: High-class excellent service, top-ranking credit assures, top-ranking employee changes management, top-ranking society effect!

Service concept: With open-armed, true love, the real situation dedication gives Mu Ying. Yo gimmick science, accurate, safe, let your pregnant Cheng in time do not have actor, feed without teach actor, early without actor. Give us Mu Ying! Comfortable confinement in childbirth. No matter day and night have us to caressing you!

Center with heartland of office building of ZhongGuanCun Suzhou street, haidian hospital leans east, courtyard of health care of women and children of Xi Linhai form sediment, the quiet and tastefully laid out, neat, contemporary, professional, intelligence that reflected domestic service changes office environment, standardization, normalization management.

Central client group covers a range in Beijing wide, demand is big, center at high-grade village, tell a crowd high pay, high. Family of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals reachs global public figure, president of crowd of chief editor of famous compere, director, CCTV, high-tech, large group, doctor, soldier, etc. Be praised generally by service object, newspaper of times of center TV station, capital, new capital has done Ceng Zaizhong to interview reach a cover, form public praise of good person arteries and veins.

Central employee works by countrywide each district bureau, again obtain employment grooms the center is offerred, elder brother's wife of month of 5 years of beautiful of all of figure of strict, employee, above takes politics try 20% , 4 years above is occupied 60% , two years above is occupied 20% , in centering Beijing, advanced month elder brother's wife reachs a brand, college graduate holds sum total 15% .

Staff is entire hold health card, Id, groom card mount guard.

Criterion for evaluation of price of brand month elder brother's wife

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