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Baby of angel baby early cummer service center
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Baby of angel baby early cummer the service center is elder brother's wife of a professional month service and with the infant inchoate education consults a company. Our company are company of a chain, follower has: Garden of kindheartedness, Hua Xin, Oriental Yo, close child the lunar elder brother's wife such as garden serves a company.

Our company are a company that Beijing establishs earlier, dimensions to have corporate organization greatly relatively, its characteristic is: Specialization, normalization, collectivize, brand credit is worth to trust, let a client be at ease. Company legal person represents psychology of old children of the division that it is north to fasten graduation, obtain degree of Master graduate student, be engaged in inchoate education and the infant's psychological expert technically.

Company director also is the expert inside course of study, pursue trade of management month elder brother's wife more than nearly 7 years, to Mu Ying health care and confinement nurse wait for major to have rich government experience and advanced management concept, the elder brother's wife of month of countrywide homemaking service industry that obtained social labor to ensure association of homemaking of ministry, Beijing to issue 2003 grooms certificate of case of persons qualified to teach, the employee rank skill that is industry and academic knowledge groom, the service that is industry of elder brother's wife of this city month is more normative, nurse more professional did a large number of fruitful works.

The paramedic of angel baby all by have rich Yo reach a puerpera to nurse experience, had accepted major to groom and have higher culture quality, the female of rich love provides a service, during grooming, by major the department of gynaecology and obstetrics of the hospital reachs doctor of infantile room chairman, reach what the technology operates to groom according to serving the physiology characteristic of the object to have professional knowledge, and certificate of approval of hold Beijing checkup. Cannot rate otherwise reach raises, make sure paramedic major level rises ceaselessly thereby. All my company staff must play regularly groom with enhancing technical ability of Wu of professional knowledge kimono ceaselessly, so that better provide excellent service for the client, cannot rate otherwise reach raises.

Our management concept is: “ is with the person this, it is with the client's demand oneself. ” asks strictly, standardization is managed, provide considerate and convenient service for the client with good professional quality, let a client become the biggest person that be benefited.

Our target is elder brother's wife of client, company, month is achieved 3 win. For this, we still will devote oneself to research, development and promotion ceaselessly inchoate education and product of applied innovation infant, get in the respect such as nutrition, health care, psychology comprehensive and specific science coachs in order to help all and young father and mother, suffer the infant that feed and teachs in order to make more clever, sagacious, thinking is nimble.
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