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The baby of simple or compound vowel that Beijing loves nurses service center
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The baby of simple or compound vowel that Beijing loves nurses the service center is Mu Ying nurses professional service orgnaization. The center has the senior adviser that pursues job of health care of women and children for years, and a baby of seasoned high quality mother nurses the team that serves personnel composition. Our main service content is to be what pregnant puerpera and infant offer advanced science to nurse service and healthy guidance, new student potential development, and inchoate education and intelligence develop the infant etc. The charm of love seeks advice from a service center to value the education of personnel very for years, all pregnant lying-in women that serve personnel to pass major of hospital of women and children and new student nurse knowledge grooms, professional morality grooms and domestic service grooms, they are cherished very much and have deep love for the profession that oneself pursue. When serving for the family, all paramedic all wear Id, healthy card.

Our tenet is darling favor mom happy family is at ease

The expert is visited inspect
Our company are indebted to the support of your kind effort of expert of Beijing department of gynaecology and obstetrics and infant internal medicine and surgical expert, open have our distinguishing feature make an appointment come to make a diagnosis and give treatment to serve with health care. Those who discharge you to cannot go to a hospital in puerperium is vexed. The expert is OK still the month according to the baby age undertake intellectual evaluation, the language is evaluated, physical ability is evaluated and choice of beneficial wisdom toy. specific aim ground undertakes professional guidance, the design gives the growing plan of below one phase.

New student development of 7 days of potential
New student the discovery of potential faculty, be considered as 20 centuries the main event on science history, be the milepost type that the mankind knows to oneself span. Pardonable somebody discovery new student potential faculty and Columbus discover America the New World-the Americas is rivalled. People discovery, every normal new life the potential that has our expect to be less than. But new student potential development must be undertaken by the personnel that grooms via strict major. We capture the most precious 7 days after baby is born just about, the breathtaking ability that has baby inherently sends disinter for you, the result can make you astonied.

"Domestic type " benefit teachs Mengtesuo law
It is the core that this center implements inchoate education to the infant, its purpose is to help child naturally grow. What with traditional education the method differs is: Benefit education emphasizes Mengtesuo education of both hands job, ego, the move is feeling of overweight child order, absorption degree, the education that independent ability and hand eye coordinate ability. The child's life is " game " , in the process of game, in the use of the toy, the child got pleasure. While the child is playing, undertake study.
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