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Love musical sound
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Loving musical sound is a Beijing industrial and commercial registered professional Mu Ying nurses service orgnaization. The center has the senior adviser that pursues job of health care of women and children for years, and a baby of seasoned high quality mother nurses the team that serves personnel composition. Our main service content is to be what pregnant puerpera and infant offer advanced science to nurse service and healthy guidance, new student potential development, and inchoate education and intelligence develop the infant etc. Love charm values the education of personnel very for years, all pregnant lying-in women that serve personnel to pass major of hospital of women and children and new student nurse knowledge grooms, professional morality grooms and domestic service grooms, they are cherished very much and have deep love for the profession that oneself pursue. When serving for the family, all paramedic all wear mount guard of certificate of Id, healthy card, vocational training.

Our tenet is: Darling favor mom is happy family is at ease

Rate (lunar elder brother's wife serves: 26 days / month; Yo elder brother's wife serves: 26 days / month)

Brand month elder brother's wife 4500 yuan of / months (24 hours) month of 4300 yuan of / (10 hours) fancy month elder brother's wife month of 3600 yuan of / (24 hours) month of 3400 yuan of / (10 hours) advanced month elder brother's wife month of 2800 yuan of / (24 hours) month of 2600 yuan of /