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Baby of parent of Beijing gold child nurses center
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Baby of parent of Beijing gold child nurses the center sets center of the school outside personnel; Confinement eat deserves to send a center; Postpartum bodily form restores a center; Provide professional confinement service, all-pervasive month elder brother's wife with company stock good quality, Yo the elder brother's wife, member that nurse, advanced nurse master, can offer elder brother's wife of month of high quality Beijing, confinement to nurse for you not only, the baby nurses wait for groovy sex service, still can offer beauty of puerpera confinement eat, hairdressing for you the characteristic such as development of intelligence of body, baby serves, can slow the concern that the puerpera changes to the bodily form that brings about because of confinement in childbirth and generates and uneasy mood, undertake to the baby inchoate potential is developed in time. The company still invites a new student expert of expert, department of gynaecology and obstetrics makes adviser, undertake groom and coaching to employee, it is love of a grasping ode, sincere letter the confinement with standard of reliable, management, excellent service nurses company, was judged to be Chinese innovation brand 2006 500 strong, many large media such as times of CCTV, BTV, capital undertakes covering a report to the company, have vast development space and good prospect, have professional level and reliable safeguard, it is the Mu Ying that you trust confinement serves an industry.

Professional service

Baby of golden child parent nurses the center is the homemaking company that through announce military division industrial and commercial bureau registers, offer lunar elder brother's wife, Yo baby elder brother's wife for the client, these employee ages are to be in 35 years old or so. The company asks a new student especially the expert becomes adviser, fu produces an expert to offer a technology to give directions, groom before hillock, assess mount guard, can hard-working, it is the socialization requirement that accords with current puerpera and baby to nurse.

Rigorous management

Our company are right the member that nurse executes employee to make. All employee classics is chosen strictly, groom by medical of professional famous hospital “ , system, hospital exercitation, normal assessment, preferred employ ” . Again by me the company is layer upon layer the employ after choosing is employee. Execute to each employee supervise, directive, dog, establish record of service quality individual. Serve government strictly.

Characteristic indulgence

The company sets elder brother's wife of month of high grade all-round, Yo the elder brother's wife, member that nurse, advanced nurse division service, have our company again ad hoc confinement nurses, the characteristic indulgence brand that photograph of hairdressing of confinement beautiful body, confinement has both serves. Subtractive new wife changes because of fearing the bodily form of happening of confinement in childbirth and generate uneasiness and afraid sentiment thereby. Baby of golden child parent nurses have come off sentry duty of the professional level, safe safeguard, mount guard that hold card, risk, wait for advantage characteristic. The company is established make a client bit more be at ease, the gratified, Shu Xin, service concept that we just set his mind at; The sincere desire that uses us is added for the client glad, decrease irritated heart! Make the dedication with bigger more!
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