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auspicious teach a center early
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Character results from major serves high grade life
auspicious teaching a center early is a professional month elder brother's wife and with infant Yo inchoate education reference service company, our company are a company that establishs earlier, dimensions to have corporate organization greatly relatively. Be dedicated to promoting Yo industrial service specializations, dimensions of administrative standardization, management industrialization, development is changed. Brand credit is worth to trust, take the lead in advocating and introduce abroad to teach concept and method early, devote oneself to 0---Science of 3 years old of infants fosters the professional orgnaization with inchoate education. Answer article of division of associated state religion actively to organize the solid bestow of project of inchoate to Chinese infant education to popularize in the world. The company offers puerpera, new student nurse service, return open inchoate education is close child. Come a few years we accumulated much working experience and teaching experience. We already groomed not only elder brother's wife of nearly 1000 months, Yo elder brother's wife and homemaking clerk. We return open accurate mom grooms course, reach Yo to allow mom to explain pregnant to produce knowledge knowledge and even the relevant item that how pick lunar elder brother's wife. Our course already was agreed with by accurate mom and got certain result.

Service project:
Mu Ying nurses
Mu Ying nurses ministry (lunar elder brother's wife) : Major devotes oneself to puerpera, new student nurse, feed and new student inchoate education. Have inside the branch obtain national mother baby to nurse the employee of certificate of seniority of job of teachers training school, reach a new student for the puerpera provide the most excellent professional service.
Yo baby
Yo baby ministry (elder brother's wife of baby of Yo infant division, Yo) : Major devotes oneself to 0---Of the scientific feed of 3 years old of infants and inchoate education carry out.
Teach early
Teach a ministry early: The teacher that obtains letter of case of Yo infant division, early teacher, young persons qualified to teach is comprised, those who development of class of class of music, unconscious family name, move tube-shaped part, right head waits for different characteristic is early religion, enter a man-to-man close service.