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Limited company of service of homemaking of Beijing gold month is
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Limited company of service of homemaking of Beijing gold month is the legal firm that registers through door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, it is the business that major pursues homemaking serving, have independent corporate organization. The company has the administrative team of the administrative system with one perfect a complete set of and high quality. It is the company of new-style homemaking service that has normative service, professional level, characteristic to manage. Company foundation country the professional standard about homemaking clerk, implement personnel management system, whole journey dogs service.

As the development of market economy, after people longs to working, can come out to enjoy the life from the disengagement in onerous housework, we are willing to remove for you trouble back at home. Our company face the medium, high-grade village of Beijing and family of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals to assume homemaking servive routine, we with one one's heart responsible it is difficult to discharge care to solve for new, old client, with the service of our high quality, bring high quality life for you. We will bring you a sweet home.

Through the homemaking clerk that we groom strictly, with its laborious, meticulous, considerate, honest individual character reachs attitude of attending to guests and celebrated. Our service tenet is the heart of “ kindheartedness, sincere letter is this ” , the " that devotes oneself to to establish Beijing homemaking industry brand of " of sincere letter homemaking.

Service tenet: The most professional service gives you most Shu Xin's life serves criterion: It is with the person this, it is with the guest honour the service is affirmatory: The client is right management concept forever: Execute standardization / network / the service system that chain changes manages a concept: Everything serves system prep above concept: With taking a letter really, develop a target with sincere lay one's heart bare: Provide high-class service, establish viewpoint of value of outstanding brand core: Convenient masses, strand for civilian solution, consecratory society

The user when signing an agreement needs to pay the following fee

One, one-time collect fees

  • 1, long-term development expends 1000 yuan
  • 2, one year development expends 600 yuan

2, credit earnest money 500 yuan

3, clerk monthly wages;

4, lunar service expends 100-500 yuan;

5, clerk " accident injury insurance " 50 yuan;

6, nurse 0-6 year old the infant is additional buy " homemaking care C gets stuck " 50 yuan.

Lunar elder brother's wife, Yo elder brother's wife rate

Level 24 hours 10 hours Elder brother's wife of average level month 2400 yuan / month 2200 yuan / month elder brother's wife of month of one star class 3000 yuan / month 2800 yuan / month elder brother's wife of month of 2 stars class 3600 yuan / month 3400 yuan / elder brother's wife of month of lunar SamSung class 4200 yuan / month 4000 yuan / month 4 stars class Clique breast nurses outside expert 150 yuan of / Medical affairs expert is sent outside / nurse 150-300 yuan / 2 hour
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