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Service center of homemaking of Beijing love baby
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Service center of homemaking of Beijing love baby is the legal firm that via Beijing industrial and commercial bureau registers, senior Fu produces expert and infant place of inchoate education expert is directive, introduce the concept of abroad that teachs early. This center has the administrative team of the administrative system with one perfect a complete set of and high quality, its characteristic is " specializations, normalization, human nature changes " to hold to " sincere letter to be this, love is consummate the service principle of " .

The company undertakes be assessinged strictly filtration to employee, want to reach the level of the company from post skill not only, hold Id, healthy card, mount guard card just gains a service competence, the company serves whole journey to undertake supervisory to its, directive, accomplish " sincerity to the client, love, patient " provides the most excellent service. The professional knowledge that nurse and experience, offer for puerpera and baby nurse all-aroundly service.

Change guest door with open-armed, patient, love be at ease, the value pursuit that Shu Xin, save worry is company faculty, we will use the job of sincere letter, come to those who win a client praise.

The company is in a building

Criterion for evaluation of price of brand month elder brother's wife


24 hours

10 hours

Elder brother's wife of super brand month

5800 yuan / month

4380 yuan / month

Brand month elder brother's wife

4580 yuan / month

3880 yuan / month

Fancy month elder brother's wife

3980 yuan / month

3680 yuan / month

Advanced month elder brother's wife

3280 yuan / month

3080 yuan / month

Intermediate month elder brother's wife

2580 yuan / month
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