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How to discover infantile talent
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The psychologist of German hamburger installs division profit to block · way this say: “ child does of one's own accord with the issue that brings joy to oneself actually the likelihood is the signal that issues them to have this respect talent ahead of schedule. Accordingly, if parents observes the child carefully, discover what they have to like, this is beneficial. ” parents adopts careful observation baby the signal of potential endowment, with respect to the talent that can discover a baby, undertake developing, make their potential endowment is able to develop. According to the research of experts, the baby has the following and main potential talent:
(1) music. The child is being returned almost stand flabby when can shake by musical rhythm. Sing can make the child becomes sensitive to rhythm. But this does not mean the child to have special musical talent. Law this say: “ listens music is one and the same, the development of musical talent is other one thing. The investigation that institute of college of article of Europe of California of ” United States makes, listen to music to be able to make cerebrum gets training commonly.

(2) moves. Infantile motion shows its are engaged in the endowment of athletic sports. In fact, be pregnant the 7th week fetal begin to study movement, when 2 years old, the baby has been athletic Great Master, can turn a somersault and body balance maintains on enclosure.

(3) is painterly. Color can promote young artist to grow. The baby begins study to see a thing to the 8th month in the 4th month after be born, the eyesight center in eye and cerebra is put through, at this moment the baby observes its surroundings well and truly. Before long hind, the baby begins to seek expressive way, the color that him repeat sees and picture. Law this say, some children early has good color to feel, parents should buy colour pen for the child, make the child painterly.

(4) language. Read aloud poem and the language interest that much conversation can arouse a baby, infantile the gift of tongues is extremely strong. Language endowment since is inherently teach nurturance again. Law this say: “ and baby talk to be able to promote language interest of the baby at least more. Kids says in one's childhood much, after be brought up also often very conversable. ” is more important is parents should make dot much say, missay irrespective also. · library Er says the Patelixia of American Xi Yatu university, baby from the expert that be born to 4 months is all sorts of languages, he can differentiate the voice that gives speech of 150 kinds of people. In 6 months only or so ability turns into the expert of native language. Library Er returns discovery, the baby of 7 months can discern admirably sound, the athletic connection that can be the same as pronunciation the lip because of him rises. The test that has to the baby of 6 months makes clear, he can hear the voice that gives father and mother, 8, when the daughter of 9 months understands a language morely to say “ ball ” when the mother through the vision, he can see a ball immediately. American scientist returns discovery, the baby of 8 months can apply more complex statistic skill to distinguish vocabulary, the ability that this demonstrates to the baby learns a language before in 1 year old wants than what imagine before tall. Baby from the phoneme that can differ in the organization in the heart at the beginning, can differentiate namely the smallest unit in the language, be like the letter in resolution English, Russian, French. But fall in the help of domestic environment only, this kind of resolution of the baby just can maintain go down. French Mei Lai thinks, very little baby can is opposite the duty ear tone of the language or “ are metrical ” makes response, is not right specific tone has make response. The research of language biology makes clear, life comes down to have a kind of instinct, can understand the syntactic regulation that regards natural language as the foundation namely, the baby still has magical language study capacity, etc. Visible, language endowment of the baby is very tall.
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