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Teach 3 big principles of the baby successfully
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Discover in pedagogic home and psychologist research: The educational means that successful parents uses when teaching a baby and principle and unsuccessful parents are different. Successful parents teachs oneself apt morely to use without the fault, without criticism, without pressure 3 big principles.

Without wrong principle

Produce archness when the baby, fight, when the behavior such as attaint article, traditional education idea thinks the baby made a mistake, undertake persuasion educational be beatinged and scold even in the light of particular case.

The principle that do not have a fault thinks: This is the action that the baby has exploring to objective world, in the consciousness in him baby, do not think this is a kind of unreasonable behavior. Actually, as a result of,article of infantile archness, attaint is incorrect acknowledge, he does not have the motive that makes a mistake actively. The causes person life intentionally “ that must not think he is a trouble making a person because of this is fed up with ” baby. Right, bad idea of the baby and adult have very big difference, they basically know the thing all round and person with ego for the center.

Give typical examples one: The baby is running another baby collides in moving

He is done so is not for make merry of other baby run down, this is he and
A kind of method that other baby communicates, perhaps he just hopes another baby makes angle game with him.

Give typical examples 2: The baby always likes ransack boxes and chests, tear open outfit toy, electric equipment to wait

He is not a naughty baby absolutely, however the baby with a very strong, clever curiosity! The baby needs to keep be opposite all round the thing undertakes ascertain, accumulate experience thereby. He keeps turning over random article, tear open outfit toy to wait, understand the act of the thing just about.

Give typical examples 3: The baby took a thing in neighbour home, after coming home with respect to glom on to

This is not moral problem. This is the baby is had to article desire a kind of expression -- oneself should be belonged to like the arm that the thing that oneself like seems him. In the infant period, this kind of phenomenon is special nature. The person with the how nice morally after no matter be,be brought up is when 3 years old also hard to avoid is met such. Cannot encourage of course to this kind of phenomenon, but also cannot berate him aloud. Parents should guide stage by stage, letting a baby separate the stuff in the thing that understands him home and others home is different, can let him play a little while to send again return a family, and be in as far as possible the baby lets him remand below happy mood article.

Without critical principle

A few parents are in daily baby education, once the baby appears cannot satisfactory behavior, berate aloud to its, criticism or watch show very cheesed sentiment. Such processing means is very inappropriate, can make the baby does not know how to should be done, self-confident heart greatly be thwarted, meet only then whats are done, lose due ego behavior initiative, the meeting after be brought up is shown shrink back, the character issue such as initiative of self-abased, lack.
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