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A certain number of errors that the baby teachs
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A mother of two years old of children asks Darwin, child this from when to begin education, darwinian answer says, should be two years ago.

The test that a lot of concerned babies teach makes clear, although 0-6 lunar child, conscious to his education also produces a lot of effects after the meeting is right. Regretful is, because the object is real person, the experiment must get a lot of limitation, have a lot of clear results very hard temporarily. And the parents that serves as a child, the opportunity of such exploration is fewer.

However, the theory that did not shape is not represented cannot undertake carrying out. In 6 the middle of a month that spend together with children, I watched his reaction to surroundings designedly, explore among them a few rules as far as possible, self-conscious accrual quite abundant. Hope to make the parents of a few things for children, join together come in!
One, the baby is met make response to familiar music

Someone says, repeat a child to hear identical music, the meeting is right after him this melody is comprehended somewhat, when be being heard again later, can react somewhat, for instance, show very strong interest, crying when be troubled by, stop to cry be troubled by etc.
I am returned from the son is 3 months is fetal case, organic meeting gives him to hear a few paragraphs of music of Mozart, up-to-date, he is already full 6 months, there is special reaction when discovering he is hearing these a few paragraphs of music. Probably, do need to compare specific requirement so, for instance frequency of volume, reduplicative is waited a moment, but had not seen concerned introduction, left more parents to consider slowly only.
2, the baby is sensitive to function word to notional word comparing

From be born begin, I insist to read the material of all sorts of content to the son all the time, without discovery he has to syntactical functions and morphological features that help to determine a part of speech especially other and sensitive, probably these reaction are very little, direct observation cannot see the effect.

Contrary, I had done such test: Use when me insipid tonetic read fairy tale, his reaction is very insipid also; And read as dry as a chip text book with emphatic mood when me, even maths is formulary, he can is opposite I very attention, and be behaved very happily.
Accordingly, say the baby can have fun at to what content, be inferior to saying the baby has fun at to the person before him. Once saw a few articles, say father and mother to teach a child, listen to all sorts of classical music to wait to the baby. I do not object the musical edification to the child, but, again good music also parents of be not a patch on and child face-to-face communication.
3, the baby likes colourful design

I did not clear up a child after all to like what design all the time, but the observation according to me, I know is bright-coloured colour not just absolutely, also be some is planted not just graph.
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