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Does pregnant mammy need to be far from computer?
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Apply extensively in computer and begin to enter a family in great quantities today, is very conspicuous, especially computer operator is young woman mostly, their concern and worry, center at a bit, whether does the ionization radiate that is computer generation issue generation to produce an effect to their be pregnant with, whether should they transfer the station that works now after pregnant is reached before pregnant.

Their concern is understandable, because ray may cause cancer, produce genetic effect possibly also, have more sensitive biology effect to inchoate embryo especially, this is we admonish the reason that pregnant woman does not have X line is checked commonly. However, of this and computer place generation shoot have great difference. The mankind is not fear of the ray of minim, and already be accustomed to sth, because be in our all round, nowhere does not have all sorts of ray, cosmic ray of the sky, all sorts of radius that upper natural radioelement place launchs are waited a moment. The radioactivity radiate quantity of this kind of natural presence says for natural background level, because some areas are geological the reason of the respect, level of basic ins and outs may compare 2~5 of average background tower above times, these areas say for tall background area.

So, how many does the X line that our computer place produces have after all? Whether to form a harm to the mankind? Well-known, in computer (and television) medium picture tube, produce X ray as a result of the electronic bombard fluorescent screen of tall voltage. In inchoate television, the leakage rate of these X ray is more, later, especially since 80 time, because use the picture tube of thick carapace, high-pressured commutate and modulation used the silicon that won't produce X line to pile He Jing body to be in charge of, still increased to restrict road of high tension line at the same time, so overall X line has done not have apparent leak, undertake metrical to the television of all sorts of model according to concerning door of Ministry of Public Health, in be apart from the radiation level that fluorescent screen surface handles 5 centimeters, under 1% what international defends the orgnaization recommends a value, it is the 1/5 of natural background only about! This radiate quantity is very small, won't constitute radiation hazard to the mankind, also won't reach next generation to produce an effect to the woman's birth. Present the findings of land system to the crowd of tall background area according to concerning scientific research unit, also concern without discovery bear the change that reachs its offspring side, accordingly, the women that undertake personal computer operation please are at ease!

Of course, defend from the sanitation of ray for the principle, below the case that permits in the condition, answer to decrease to be illuminate except the additional person beyond natural background as far as possible. Accordingly, as a kind of profession, the proposal below is beneficial perhaps to personal computer handlers.
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