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The baby learns latent capacity breathtakingly
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3 after arriving 4 days, the baby can learn the sound with different resolution gradually. Be like: Border area of a kind of sound rings twice, change infantile head to left to suck syrup to him, a few later, the baby hears this kind of sound to turn with respect to active towards the left first.

The baby after full moon can notice to hear voice centrally, when hearing the adult talks, stop to cry and expect an adult to appear before him. Some parents think the baby is easy sleep lightly, be afraid of noise, in the room so quiet that not even a crow or sparrow can be heard, adult walks repeatedly also to walk gingerly, affected what the development of child hearing cell reachs aural function to rise instead so. Actually, the baby should give in a day a few listen to audio opportunity, can from time to time listens music, amusing of speech of from time to time, from time to time is quiet rest, from time to time sings game, make the baby feels to be not had sometimes when sound, organic meeting listens attentively to all sorts of audio to change, quicken him to learn to listen to the development of ability thereby.

New student touch very develop. He is particularly sensitive to the stimulation of cold heat, the cold heat that if be opposite,milk reachs bathing water respond. The baby is the stimulation that goes feeling perceptive external world through the mouth and hand commonly, the address degree of the progress that inchoate feeling perceives the baby and grown defensive position has very big concern. But parents often ignored the problem of this respect, some parents use packet after the baby is born by bind the baby a candle wrap, infantile hands or feet and body cannot swing. Still some parents are afraid of a baby to little hand catchs a face and do sleeve very longly, plunge into ligature sleeve with the belt, make infantile arm cannot bend, little hand cannot feel a thing, affecting the development of tactile function.

If let a baby sleep in comfortable have sleeping bag in, hands or feet and body are footloose, both hands can extend feeling from inside cuff all sorts of things, hand eye can coordinate consistent activity, explore ceaselessly, study latent capacity of the baby will develop further.

Infantile smell and taste are more sensitive. He can differentiate different odour, if smell,suckle fragrance taste, can show smiling face and change the head to feeder. If smell,certain and pungent odour turns an escape.

The baby returns divisional and can different flavour, happy event eat sweet, salty, acid and dull food, in order to enhance smell, taste advocate the ability of the face develops.

The baby still has society ability and imitate ability. After the baby is born, can laugh, this is the riant ” of “ physiology sex, it is inherent. After, slowly, the baby learned pair of person faces and toy smile, produced social need at this moment, change is ” of “ sociality smile. He likes someone tease, somebody is close to him to laugh, leave him to cry, with him the speech can chuckle ground pronunciation is respondent.
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