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The baby learns latent capacity breathtakingly
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People often thinks new student be incapacity, passive ground is individual. Modern science considers to prove: New student the potential capacity that has active exploration the outer world since birth day, and still have quite breathtaking reaction and study capacity.
New student come to this world before long, see light meets a gangmaster turn to the place of light, the voice that hears blare can have the reaction that cry for; When the lip that contacts him when nipple with respect to absorb of ask for a favor. These are natural natural reaction, it is the termless reflex of pair of outside things.

To live, he still must learn to get used to a few competence of new surroundings, then, he goes up in the termless catoptric base that has had, begin to explore the one's own little world that he lives actively, in contacting all sorts of things, experience all sorts of stimulation, be in repeat ceaselessly, new conditional reflex is built in the process of aggrandizement.

He is held in the arms with respect to somebody when the baby cries every time, as time passes, he learned VIP to hold in the arms cry;
Hear the adult gives out “ wheezingly ” sound is met micturition;
See feeder knows to want to suck the breast etc.

Study latent capacity of the baby is very big, the key depends on father mother cannot ignoring a baby to show a few reaction that come daily, and should the attention discovers and in time actively is made respondent, in order to avoid undesigned limitation baby the development of potential faculty.

The potential capacity of what respect does the baby have?

New student very sensitive to smooth stimulation. To change of light and shade he can make response, if shut,the lamp left when the eye, he can react somewhat. Be born 3 weeks or so, he looks attentively at the object that appears in eye shot with respect to the society, and follow object changes the line of vision.

Regretful is to some of parents thinks the child in “ confinement is afraid of smooth ” , often use curtain shading by day, move the lamp in the evening dark, such meetings limit the development of infantile vision. If let a baby feel bright by day, dark in the evening, open the lamp bright, black out dark, with respect to the development of vision of can exciting baby, build conditional reflex, make the baby learns a day dark, blacked out should sleep; Day break can open an eye to look, play.

Can be obtained by the eye of the window ” that people calls “ wisdom the outside the information of 80 % , develop the potential ability of this respect adequately, will be helpful for intellective development.

New student after be born, be opposite sound respond. Somebody ever was opposite the new student that just was born 24 hours have a test: The new student that cries to be in shake bell, on his horse quiet to come down, the eye also is opened come. This specification new student can hear voice.
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