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Expert clew: Become pregnant 10 give up
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One, do not become pregnant when the mood is depressive. Once the person is in angst depressed or the psychosis that has serious thought responsibility, can affect the quality of spermatozoon or ovum not only, although because the stimulate and affects the mother's body hormone of the mood is secreted,also be met after conception, make fetal uneasiness, move restlessly, the influence grows development, abort even.

2, do not become pregnant when honeymoon. Because be in newly-married around, both sides of male and female does dinner party of marriage, ceremony to hold and run overworked, manual excess load is used up, reduced the quality of spermatozoon and ovum, go against thereby prepotent.

3, do not become pregnant in viatic road. Because the person is in viatic road,life daily life does not have the rule, cerebrum is coriaceous often be in exalted position, add excessive exhaustion and journey jolt, can affect fetal egg to grow or cause conception uterus to contract, bring about abortion or threatened abortion.

4, do not become pregnant during sicken. Because the disease can affect environment of bed of the move inside the quality of constitution and oosperm and palace, the medicaments that takes during sicken produces adverse effect possibly also to spermatozoon and ovum.

5, not senile conception. The woman of 35 years old of above produces chromosome distortion and bring about unbalanced and fetal scale to increase along with the age show increasing trend.

6, do not become pregnant instantly after prophylactic of out of service. The woman of prophylactic of long-term profess to convinced, be in at least stop drug the ability after two months can become pregnant; After the woman that sets contraceptive hoop is taking ring, should wait it is normal to will cross 2 ~ 3 times become pregnant again after menstruation.

7, do not contact radioactivity material and virulent sex material before conception. The response with X line and drama because reproductive cell is right qualitative poison is very sensitive. Need is in above of a month after breaking away from environment of material of material of osculatory sex radioactivity and drama noxiousness completely becomes pregnant ability is relatively appropriate, lest be born,give deformation fetal.

8, do not become pregnant instantly after slink, abortion and cleared hydatidiform mole. The woman gets in the film inside the uterus after slink, abortion traumatic, conception aborts easily once more and form a habitual abortion instantly. After hydatidiform mole is cleared, should follow regularly at least visit two years, do not become pregnant as far as possible inside this paragraph of time.

9, do not want smoking to drink. Often smoke drinking woman, had better wait for Buddhist monastic discipline to drop smoke wine 2 ~ become pregnant again after 3 months. The husband becomes pregnant in the wife a month is best also Buddhist monastic discipline drops smoke wine.
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