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The dangerous omen of pregnant
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Progestational danger sign:
1. With before second childbirth interval resents 4 years;
2. Pregnant woman age is less than 20 years old or be more than 35 years old of;
3. Pregnant woman is borne toward what had had for many times already history;
4. Had borne before pregnant woman be born weight the child; under 2 kilograms
5. Pregnant woman ever had had difficult labor or Caesarean birth history;
6. Pregnant woman has had abortion or stillborn foetus, stillbirth history before;
7. Pregnant woman is in weight before be pregnant under 38 kilograms;
8. Pregnant woman height under 145 centimeters;   

Conceive the dangerous omen of pregnancy:

1. Weight has grown slow or stop (growth of bosom pregnancy weight should be 6 kilograms at least) ;
2. Inside palpebral and cadaverous (should be red and pink normally) ;
3. Ministry of knead dough of leg, arm has unusual oedema;   

The dangerous omen that must see a doctor instantly:

1. During be pregnant, the vagina bleeds;
2. Serious headache (the symptom with high blood pressure) ;
3. Serious vomiting;
4. High fever;