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Pregnant mammy weight manages white book
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Be pregnant the body state of later period ponderosity, let a lot of accurate mammy, sitting also is not, the station also is not, and the apiration that affects movement, on food rise and fall big also.
Dietary -

Because the mood is blundering,* avoids and begin to eat more little not regular food habit.

Although the idea that one person of * alleged ‘ has two people filling ’ is correct, but if your activity momentum is not big, still have 1 person share enough.

* food diary still answer daily have a record.

- of work and rest

During * is pregnant, many accurate mom enjoy many privileges that need not kiss automatic hand to do really. But the opportunity that uses writer issue is moved, extend body of one private parts, also can use up a few quantity of heat, help weight government.

* manages regular life work and rest as far as possible, cannot stay up late, morpheus accident time as far as possible certain, cannot too corrupt sleep, if because of the insomnia in night, best white day looks for time filling Mian to rest.

Weight record -

* still is maintained everyday, secure estimate weight and detailed record, observe condition of him gain weight according to the record every week, control government.

[parturient period] gravid 10 months

Enter be pregnant final parturient phase, have manufacturing possibility at any time, continue to hold the strict government of weight so, do not want fail to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth-fall short of success for lack of a final effort.

Dietary -

* is produced possibly at any time, control appetite so, do not have too full stomach.

* body is bloated with each passing day, choose ’ of arrange of ‘ little salt as far as possible.

- of work and rest

Midday of * daily fluctuation had better secure 30 minutes of right-and-left breathing space to oneself.

* if body state is normal, might as well undertake pregnant woman moves continuously, resembling is housekeeping, swim, take a walk etc, can make manufacturing process more successful.

Weight record -

* continues everyday detailed him record weight, control of weight of the last month does not increase too much.