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Darling and ball kind game
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If the darling of 10 your months feels dull, the mood is bad, crying be troubled by, have a try, give him a table tennis ball, let him be thrown, throw to the wall to be played again, let him be thrown again; Or you perform him to look with beat bump ball, he is met certainly be attracted by your game place, of final smile through tears. A lot of darling like to play a ball, a few less baby can play ping-pong, small rubber ball, a bit bigger darling can play corbeil ball, small football.

Why does darling like to play a ball so? The ball is an interesting “ fellow ” in darling eye. Your look, the rubber ball of round circle should give it a bit outside force gently only, it can roll ahead, the direction of scroll differs according to the direction of force and change, come up against a thing to be able to rebound again come back; Can let spend rubber ball to rotate in place, resemble a top, the multiterminal of decorative pattern change on the ball, glow; Can learn to bat a ball with the hand, the strength that you make is great, it is gotten with respect to bounce tall, reoccupy some force, rubber ball can jump even higher than darling; Forwardly establishs a few empty plastic carefe, let darling aim direction, roll out the ball forcibly, look Koed a few, who is hit definitely, ha, also can play bowling in the home ……

Ball kind game still has a lot of, it is among them change makes darling enchanted, darling can be participated in go in this game, can bring to bear on to the ball with oneself force influence, generation action, and the ball also is met make various response because of this. Play adroitness, darling can know how he is done, the ball can produce what kind of reaction, for instance: Want concede points is resilient will should be used how old strong, want concede points jumps to be used much higher how old strong, want how should concede points bend exert oneself to do sth. , want to hit ahead target how should aim at etc, the operation that darling exercised already in this process starts work eye of ability, hand cooperates ability, also ask darling is moved think, these game are very interesting really to darling very beneficial also.

In all sorts of balls, the ping-pong is to suit 1 year old most previously the toy of darling. Ping-pong volume is minor, deal is small, agree with grab of darling little hand, the ground is contacted in the ping-pong or can give out when good thing ringing and the voice that has the law, “ pings the noise of ” of ping-pong to bang can make darling very happy, his meeting over and over again throws the ball to the ground, produce a result of this kind of sound intentionally, and be very happy with it. And although darling throws the ball in disorder at will, also won't break bastard, voice won't be too big, won't affect neighbour, safer also. Return the power that can exercise darling arm.

After waiting for darling to be able to walk, can choose a some more largish small rubber ball, let darling be being kicked play, the ball boils far hind let darling walk along him past to collect, can increase the interest that darling practice walks, the movement crouchs to be able to exercise power of darling leg ministry again below.
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