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Pregnant woman winter must prevent pregnant high disease
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High disease of pregnant of abbreviation of gravid hypertensive syndrome, it is to happen at gravid 20 weeks later, clinical expression is hypertension, albuminuria, bloated, serious when occurrence tic, insensible endanger mother baby life even. Come as the hiemal, air temperature drops gradually, the occurence rate of high disease of pregnant woman pregnant also is added gradually subsequently tall. The good hair element of pregnant high disease has a lot of:

1, spirit is beyond the mark nervous or suffer stimulation to cause function of central nervous system disorder person;

2, cold and seasonal or air temperature change is too big, especially when atmospheric pressure is elevatory;

3, young first pregnant woman or senile primipara;

4, have chronic high blood pressure, chronic nephritis, diabetic the pregnant woman that waits for medical history;

5, hidebound, be like anaemia, disease of low albumen blood person;

6, bodily form dumpy person;

7, uterine tension is exorbitant (if amniotic fluid crosses much, dual gravid, diabetic tremendous reach hydatidiform mole to wait) person;

8, familial in have high blood pressure history, especially the mother of pregnant woman has spend pregnant high disease again history person.

Pregnant woman must strengthen precaution, insist to undertake antenatal is checked, do work of good pregnancy health care. Gravid and inchoate (pregnant March) need to measure blood pressure, so that understand fundamental blood pressure, check regularly later, namely at gravid 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 weeks of examinations, if appear dropsy of dazed, lower limbs see a doctor to the hospital at any time.

Pregnant woman notices to strengthen nutrition appropriately, those who increase protein, vitamin, iron, calcium and other microelement absorb, decrease appropriately adipose absorb with what cross much salt, high to preventing pregnant disease has certain effect, from gravid 20 weeks begin, agent of daily and compensatory calcium 2 grams, can reduce the happening of pregnant high disease.

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