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Train a new student visual ability and attention
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How to train a new student and what accession trains a new student it is the problem that the parent cares most. General child is in satiate hind 1 hour of or so meetings have 10 minutes of arousal time to half, we should use a new life time of this paragraph of arousal undertakes seeing and hearing trains.

Can mix new student face-to-face talk, let him look attentively at your face, the position of inch head, try to attract a new student follow of line of sight you are mobile. Can give a new life see gules wool ball, be apart from a new student commonly 15-20 centimeter, shake slowly red ball, in order to cause a new life attention, again inch red ball, allow a new student chase after inspect, this kind of method can train a new student visual ability and attention. Also can give a new life see glow, the method is to prepare a flashlight, a red cloth is wrapped outside, be apart from a new student 20 centimeters control a new life see glow, adult should control inch flashlight up and down, speed is controlled 3 centimeters with every second shift, about 1 minute jolty 12, be apart from every time for 30-40 centimeter, allow a new student look follow and take glow, train a new student thereby the look is fixed and the harmonious ability of eyeball. These training but daily, every time 1 minute. We still can be apart from a new student 15-20 centimeter allow a new student look imprint the card that has black and white types of facial makeup in operas, stripe and homocentric round figure, stimulative new student visual resolution, the parent when looking can observe a new life the time that watchs every figure, in order to know a new life prefer see which kind of figures, average new life prefer the types of facial makeup in operas that sees a person.

In the new student when arousal, the mother can be in new student the distance side ear is controlled 10 centimeters, call little baby gently, the head has turned to come after making he hears your voice, still can use what can issue soft harmonic news to play whirligig of model toy, color, colourful ball, suspension is in new student the head of a bed, attract a new student the interest that listen and sees. New student very easy exhaustion, general every time training of seeing and hearing is not controlled more than 10 minutes, in order to assure a new student have enough sleep.

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