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New student congenital reflex
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New student period body cannot move freely, show the not own chaos of brothers to move only. He basically gets used to surroundings with activity of a few congenital reflex, these congenital reflex are inchoate baby is peculiar, it can mirror infantile airframe neurological normal. As the growth of infantile age, neurological work up, reflection meets these congenital nerve disappear gradually inside proper time, will be replace by more mature nerve activity. These congenital catoptric existence and disappear can mirror instead not only neurological normal, still having close relationship with the athletic development henceforth. Main congenital reflex has following a few kinds:

Forage reflection: Feel a new student with finger or tit the cheek, he can change the head to this a side that is felt to stretch the mouth to show absorb movement. The 4—7 after this reflex is born about disappear when the month.

Absorb reflex: In putting nipple or other object child mouth or finger touchs on, next lip, namely derivative absorb movement. This reflex is in about 4—7 disappear when the month.

Grasp run reflection: Touch finger be grasped by children namely when children control do not put. So, the baby that we often can see 3 months less than his both hands grasps a fist closely. Arrived about 3—4 this reflex disappears when the month, the child's hand begins to loosen, appeared involantary grab.

Embrace reflection: Ask a new student with a hand neck and back, another hand holds starting occipitalia in the palm, move the at hand that asks an occipitalia suddenly next 4—5 centimeter (the hand does not leave occipitalia) , make new student head and cervical retreat 10—15 are spent. Normal child can appear exhibit outside two upper limbs, unbend, finger is stretched, next upper limbs is inflectional time shrink assume hug position. This kind of reaction says reflex for the hug. 3—6 is between its need miss the opportunity month.

Asymmetry neck insecurity reflexes: When children lies on his back, his head can get lost a side, be the same as the fluctuation limbs unbend of side with face, inflectional to side limbs. Inchoate baby his sleep appearance often assumes this kind of position. This reflex disappears when 6 months about.

Footfall reflex: Ask a new student with both hands alar, upend holds him in the arms when rising, make his sufficient back touchs desk edge lower edge, new student the model that flies pace ” with respect to can active occurrence “ . This kind of reflex disappears in 6 weeks about.