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Help darling eats mother milk
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Yo has a lot of first time to do mom's person to be able to encounter such problem, does my grandma eat how to do not quite? Look at the darling that just was born to cry as a result of be on short commons when be troubled by, each new mother is met very anxious. Still have a few because darling is slink, absorb force is very consequently weak, also cannot eat mom's milk well. What method can help these mom so with darling people?

To the darling that just was born, often lactation is best method, what because often be nursed,can stimulate mom on one hand is galactic generate increasing, on the other hand darling is satisfied easily also. When the need that if often be nursed,still cannot satisfy darling, can choose articles for use of baby of a kind of special mother, this kind of product is to be the mom that helps galactic inadequacy and premature delivery and body to the mom of young baby can have mother milk raise successfully and be designed only.

When using this kind of product, according to need general modulation suckles fluid well or breed the mother first with breast pump epispastic, inside the tailor-made bottle in putting this unit, had installed the product by the manual next before be being hanged in the bosom, stick the tailor-made tube that suits darling deglutition discharge on the breast, let darling still the breast of absorb mom, such not only the tit that avoided to use nipple and causes is illusive, can pass the absorb of darling again, stimulate mom to generate and increase galacticly on one hand, contented darling is right on the other hand galactic demand.

When the mom with insufficient lactescence is using this product, because the absorb of darling is exciting, lactescence will be increasing, the mother milk that darling eats directly also is met increasing, and the meeting suckling fluid that absorbs from inside straw is less and less, till final pick off this device, let darling of absorb mom galactic, help mom transfers to breed to real mother feed phase.
For weaker to absorb ability premature or sick darling, the end that uses this product is to make sure contented darling is right galactic need, use breast pump at the same time epispastic and galactic, secrete what also can make sure the mother breeds normally, make darling is achieved in physical strength can when direct absorb mother breeds, begin normal mother milk feed.

Another of this kind of product outstanding characteristic is, can avoid to produce tit illusion, this breeds to having a parent successfully feed is very important.