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New student oral cavity
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When the baby is born, two side cheek is hind each have an upheaval dash forward to buccal adipose mat, this adipose mat makes the fluctuation gum of oral cavity forehead cannot be contacted, common calls “ mantis mouth ” . For the baby of this pair of this ages, it is a kind of normal phenomenon, and to children sucking it is very important. When the baby is sucking, forehead touchs a tit with tongue and lip mucous membrane, buccal ministry mucous membrane, hind adipose mat is shut, the help increases the negative pressure in oral cavity, be helpful for a baby sucking. Go out as the bud of deciduous teeth, the adipose mat of this tower above can change gradually smooth. But some people think this are adipose erroneously filling up is redundant, commonly used knife cuts ” of “ mantis mouth, this is very dangerous. Such doing not only influence baby is normal and sucking, still can cause oral cavity infection, can cause systemic septicemia even and cause infantile death.

Children oral cavity has a variety of very main functions, if absorb food, masticatory deglutition, language, breath to wait, and the execution of these functions the action be closely bound up with the tooth. But the baby of this paragraph of period has not grow a tooth, accordingly, photograph feed and chew the function compares difference, can rely on only galactic wait for spoon meat to furnish airframe all sorts of nutrition. Grow as the child ceaselessly development, structure of its oral cavity and function also will be perfected with each passing day.